Zac Efron 5% BODY FAT! | His 12 Week Workout Plan + MEAL by MEAL Diet! (BAYWATCH!)

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Zac Efron 5% BODY FAT! | SHREDDING Workout Plan + MEAL by MEAL Diet! (BAYWATCH!)

Im really excited to give you guys the Zac Efron diet plan and workout plan from the movie Baywatch in today’s video!

This video is going to break down the 6 things he did to get shredded in just 12 weeks for the movie Baywatch, and will then show you meal by meal in his kitchen precisely how he ate for the month before his shirtless scenes in Baywatch.

Let’s just say Zac had some on screen competition in the form of THE ROCK to motivate him to get so ripped.

Zac Efron without a doubt has the best Hollywood physique of the summer, and i thought it would be really cool to do a Hollywood physique breakdown and show you exactly how he got so ripped for the Baywatch movie that was released in 2017.

The 6 Things Zac Efron did to get so Shredded in the 12 weeks leading up to the movie Baywatch:

1. No bulk and cut BS. He was just about 200 calories over his maintenance level

2. Push, Pull, Legs was his Split. He hit each muscle group TWICE per week.

3. ADVANCED shredding training. Tons of advanced training was implemented.

4. HIIT Cardio – no fasted cardio of hippie cardio regimens

5. sleep, water, micros, and no liquid calories

6. Watch the Video to learn tip #6 – which is by far the most important one!!!

Zac Efron’s physique is lean and shredded but 100% attainable naturally if you stay committed.

Try it out and you will be ripped!

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Zac Efron 5% BODY FAT! | His 12 Week Workout Plan + MEAL by MEAL Diet! (BAYWATCH!)

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  1. "You're going to maximize your aesthetics"- quiet possibly the most retarded/douchebag fitness statements i've ever heard….Combined with the TWAT dance music, i feel like I've dropped some IQ points….

  2. The background music is super annoying and distracting. There is no need for this techno nerve-wrecker at all. The content of the video works well without this shitty tunes. I liked the content though. But you maybe want to consider to either change your music to something more chilled or cut it completely. Good effort with the food prep part!

  3. But wait!!! How long did he do this plan and what was it for???

    Had to switch off because there are so many time I can hear someone say "the exact 12 week plan he carried out before filming his shirtless scenes for the movie baywatch"

    I swear to Christ he says it about 18 times in the first 2 mins

  4. Dont know if anyone said this but me personally I understand everything you’re talking about but i know there are others that will watch this n it will sound like a lnguage noone even speaks or none they know anyway.


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