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At 40 stone Sharon, with a BMI of 106, is extreme super morbidly obese. Sharon needs a constant oxygen supply to help her breath properly as her weight is crushing down on her lungs. She is completely bed-bound and is reliant on her ex-husband for everything. Her life is in danger because of her size but it’s not enough to stop her from overeating. Serious addiction to food and even orders online and smuggles it under her duvet. Sharon doesn’t have long to live without surgery and has 4 children under 18.
At 40 stone, Andrew needs gastric bypass surgery to help him lose at least half his body weight. At the moment he’s not fit enough to be put under general anesthetic because his weight is placing too much strain on his heart and lungs. A balloon can be fitted while Andrew is awake and will help reduce his capacity to overeat. It will hopefully help him lose enough weight to make his gastric bypass surgery possible.

Fat Doctor goes on a remarkable journey following the patients of three of Britain’s most sought after weight loss surgeons. It focuses on the obese patients who undergo the operations and discovers why they became obese and the impact life-changing and often life-saving weight loss surgery has on their lives. We find out what their lives are like now and how this has affected their physical, social and psychological lives.

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  1. My mum would have given me the what for if I started to get big. There is no way she'd buy me junk food and then wait on me hand and foot. She'd leave me in the house to have a fit rather than give in. Of course she'd have no part in helping me get fat. So sad the families don't fight back against their overweight loved ones.

  2. Omg she actually feels a high when foods around. Look how excited she is at 9.06 by all her sugary treats. I LOVE food, I really do, but I don't get high from it. I had no idea that they actually get a high as if it were a drug

  3. the woman is literally bed bound you have control over what you bring her to eat and yet the enabler her mum brings her junk food so so disgusting!!!

  4. Her mindset is that of a 6 year old! She knows she’s gonna kill herself but she won’t change. She thought hiding 5 pounds of sweets was funny!! Omfg

  5. Sharon’s story is so sad. She clearly had underlying mental health issues that were never treated. It’s also infuriating and heartbreaking to think that her family, all of whom have struggled with their weight, would continue to enable her addiction.

  6. I was very small until I married a man that made my life a living hell! I went from size 6 to a size 28 women's in 10 years from 128lbs to 301lbs in 10 years. Depression also plays a part in gaining weight not just over eating. But if you don't use this tool right you can go back to being obese. I've heard people actually have died from these types of bariatric bypass surgeries.
    I had a bariatric sleeve done on October 19, 2017 was the best thing I did. I lost over 100lbs. 301lbs to 188lbs and still losing. Size 28 women's to a normal size 12, soon I'll be back to my former self again before I married that creep!

  7. I just don't know how people can be so cruel! If I seen that man fall, I would've ran over there to help him up! I just can't stand how people are. God bless this man and this woman to take a huge step to lose weight.
    I had a bariatric sleeve done on October 19, 2017, to help me lose weight and it helped me tremendously! I went from 301lbs to 188lbs and still losing. I took advantage of that tool! I feel great from a size 28 to size 12! Thats a lot of inches and weight, I'm a former shadow of myself now! I know soon I'll be back into a size 6 where I used to be!

  8. This is exactly what every guy worries about, they marry a girl and she let's herself go cuz she can. I knowlove should be unconditional, but a working, healthy relationship usually includes sexual attraction and activity (I know not necessarily), and if you gain 400lbs I might not be attracted to you anymore 🤷 I wonder if that's why they separated? (I'm a girl btw)

  9. Too many enablers around these pple. And they come up with their own why she is killing herself excuses. SMH. Then when they tell you their ages you can't help but look in the mirror and think "oh yes; hello sexy!!"

  10. 36:55 when the doctor inserts the telescope to look at her stomach he says "As I suspected there's a small girl inside…." I thought "OH god she ate a child!" and then it occurred to me what he meant 🤓

  11. Enough excuses !!!! You just a lazy woman !!! I lost 1 stone in 3 weeks by controling my meals. I looked on the mirror about my body shape. That enough to make me reduce my weight. Now I am 108 kgs. My target is to reach 90 kgs. Do not relly on surgery. Have a SURGERY ON YOUR MIND first !!!

  12. why is it legal for the industry to produce and sell "food" that harms so many people in the world and produces.
    what do people think who create products with the aim to addict people to those as much as possible to maximize their profit.

  13. If I was her family Id first talk her to giving up her credit card for safe keeping, and she would be having small portions only twice or 3x a day max, she could complain but I would never give in and let her have those crisps or sweets. Rather her go cold turkey and suffer a bit and lose some weight. I would throw appetite suppresant pills at her. this makes the opiod crisis look like nothing, I rather her get addicted to oxycodone she will lose weight for sure might even save her life then worry about detox later

  14. Before I would bring those grocery bags in I would look through everything and anything I seen that was not healthy it would go straight to the trash I don't give a damn how my daughter would feel because at the end of the day I want her here alive then dead she calls her snacks treats her treats but treats for what what are you treating yourself for you're not doing anything positive to help yourself lose weight and you're not a dog or a child you don't treat yourself with food this pisses me off I feel so bad for her mother and her children

  15. It makes no sense to me to be feeding her unhealthy foods allowing her to become fatter? If she were my daughter and couldn't get out of bed due to her weight, she'd be getting one egg for breakfast and a salad for lunch and a fish dinner for supper with absolutely no sweets or snacks between!
    Also I'd take her phone away from her so she couldn't order food! It's just discussing her family allows this!!


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