Why I Started Eating Salt After 8 Years | FullyRaw Vegan

After 8 years of being salt-free and eating a raw vegan diet, I started adding pink salt and Celtic salt into my salad dressings at night. Here’s why… Join the NEW 7-Day FullyRaw Vegan Challenge: https://challenge.fullyraw.com Download My FullyRaw App: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fullyraw-by-kristina/id1351412313?mt=8

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  1. I think by experience by being really ill, that salt reduces inflammation, it actually works as stimulative medicine, with wrong circumstances and wrong amounts it might go against health.

  2. This was my main concern while transitioning. Coming from an highly athletic background after one intense workout i would cramp following a fruitarian diet. And this was only 1 week into eating only fruits. I was cramping all day 24/7 until I had a Gatorade or some fries with sea salt added and it would go away. But everyone’s body is different. 🙏👽🖤🔊

  3. Hi, Kristina. I agree with your eating Himayan and Celtic sea salt for adding benefical trace minerals not fiound in fruits and vegetables by themselves. Another good video, thanks.


  5. Sodium is one of the main essential electrolytes in the body. It does many things, one of the most important being fluid regulation which controls blood pressure. You would die without sodium. It's called hyponatremia. A healthy body regulates the amount of sodium by cy controlling how much is excreted through the kidneys.

  6. 10 years laster she will say why I started eating cooked food again. Then another 10 years she will say why I became vegetarian then another 10 years later she will say why I started to eat meat again

  7. Hi Kristina! I’ve been watching your videos off & on for 6+ years. You look great, glad to hear you still tweak as needed. I wanted to suggest checking into the benefits & possibly trying out Sole Water (pronouced So-lay). You get more minerals & less sodium from the salt when consumed this way.

  8. People here in the comment who are expecting her to do videos like "why i started eating cooked food again" or so on, i can understand that you find it funny but, i think this kind of things are really a problem.
    She shouldn't have to explain anyone why she eats the way she eats.
    Nowadays because of social media we feel we have to give explanation about our life to people, but we don't have to.
    Seriously i don't care if this woman is eating salt or not, but as you said guys, well her lifestyle is her job too, so i guess she has to do this kind of videos.

  9. Instead of adding salt, she should have subtracted hot yoga, seriously! We are suppose to maintain normal body temperature ideally by being in an environment where we are not too warm or too cool but just right. I like Christina and most of her recipes are delish but she doesn't know much about human physiology. For one thing, she,s waaaay over exercising so no wonder she wakes up exhausted. She's over exercising. When she was in Bali once, she got bitten by a dog and got a rabies shot. She should not have as that's a total medical myth. Dogs do not carry so called rabies but it sure sells a lot of drugs. Salt is a protoplasmic poison – you can't drink sea water, salt was used to coat meat to kill the bacteria and anything that will kill bacteria will kill us. The chinese use salt to commit suicide as it's a cheap way to go. People who live close to the ocean will tell you that electronics don't last very long due to the salt air and metal things rust a lot faster. So if salt rusts metal, how hard is it to realized it's a protoplasmic poison and damages all of your one hundred trillion cells.


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