WHAT'S THE BEST DIET FOR HUMANS? Food Wars | Paleo | Vegan | Raw Foods | Vegetarian | Fruitarian

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What is the best diet for humans? What is the optimal diet for humans? These are questions that many people ask themselves and there is a lot of information available that shares different perspectives and different views on this subject matter.

I see a lot of food wars talking place online – everybody wants to be right and there are groups building online that are going at it. You got the meat eaters, vegans, raw foodies, fruitarians, vegetarians, pescetarians, low carb, high carb, high and protein advocates all having a go at each other!

I personally don’t care what you eat – and I don’t judge anyone for the way they choose to eat. I will say that we are a carbon based species. That means that by nature our cellular matrix is designed to be predominately fueled with carbon.

Some points that I touch on in this video are :

– Plant Based Diet
– Eating Meat
– What Is “The Best” Meat To Eat
– Eating Fish
– The Issue With Dairy Products
– Raw Foods
– The Power of Fruits
– Processed Foods
– Healing The Body
– Corporate Greed / Big Pharma
– Conventional Farming
– The Importance of Organic Produce
– Factory Farming Procedures
– GMO (Monsanto)
– More!

In this video I share my views, the knowledge I have accumulated and my personal experiences on dietary habits and dietary requirements for optimal human health!


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  1. Another awesome one, tks Janne … On fruit again, 3 wks … but now have piles & v itchy bottom! 😯😠. Candida ?? Thought the fruit would sort that ? Dont thnk the itchy bottom (sorry for TMI!) 😈 is coming from the piles tho. Used to get this on and off for yrs. Any advice ?? Tks, hugs

  2. So I've been trying to eat mainly fruits vegetables nuts and whole grain oatmeal and bread. It's so much easier to eat the same thing everyday, i was just wondering what you suggest in terms of mixing it up? Do you have any videos on that? I usually eat an apple and grapes, leafy green salad sometimes with carrots, mixed nuts and peanuts, and a slice of whole grain bread and organic oatmeal. Pretty minimalist, definitely gotta eat more, but what do you think about variety? Is the human body supposed to have a constant diet or a varying diet?

  3. Yeah man! You see it. Lately all the “vegans” are in a rage over rawvana eating some fish. Its apparently a sin to consume a little animal flesh. I dont judge either bro, and I aint stuck, but its just like you say, dont live in a box. Live and let live but for heaven sake, go for health!I love animals too and am against industry meat but take it easy right? Geez, If Rawvana wants to add fish and eggs, thats up to her. I got love for humans and animals, my goal is to get and stay healthy. Plant based for the win my friend! Take it slow buddy. Peace.


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