What to eat on a LOW CARB diet


Hallos! Quick video on staple foods you should have readily available on a low carb diet. I have also included a 7 day sample meal plan! It’s just a sample so tailor it to your taste

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Thank you so much for watching..new vid out on Thursday!

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  1. Her diet sounds very similar to the Keto diet ..look it up there's actually alot of science behind it . I tried it and lost 9 lbs in a week without exercise . On the other hand I tried to just count calories and didn't lose nearly as much .Idk about other countries but in America a lot of us are unaware that we are addicted to carbs and sugar …a low carb diet is not an easy thing to embark upon so you have to prepare yourself mentally . I missed drowning my food in sauces for the most part , pasta , and eating a bunch of fruit because they're high in carbs and sugar . But watching these videos makes me want to give keto another try . I have poly cystic ovarian syndrome ,hypothyroidism,and hirsutism which makes it very hard for me to lose weight and unnaturally easy to gain (among a long list of other health issues ) So this really is life or death for me . Thank you for posting your story! It's inspired me to restart my keto journey .

  2. Oh wow quite surprised at what's on the food plan. I'm guessing this is probably roughly if not the same kind of things you ate? . How long was it before u started dropping seeing the weight drop off?


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