What I ate today!My fat loss meal plan + 100 Squats

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  1. WOW you first, hate on milk, say it causes cancer then shove vegan foods on people NOW you say you drank a fucking chocolate mint milkshake!!! And if its shea or other nut milk well how do you know they don't stick Gmo in THAT shit AYE M8???

  2. my mom made me eat chicken and I have not told her yet that I want to become a vegan and I am afraid to tell her because I know she will say it is not healthy to not eat meat what do I do?

  3. when you say be patient, what kind of time frame are you talking about? I plan on sticking with it, and I know it will take time since I am coming from a restrictive keto diet, but I would like to get a general idea…

  4. Does anyone know a vegan alternative to milk?? i've tried soy milk, almond milk and coconut milk and not liking any of them 🙁 tried them all with different fruits on my cereal but didn't like any of them.. not sure if its because ive been used too the taste of cow milk for 18 years. Does anyone know any other ones i could try??? anyone tried rice milk?

  5. Freelee, how come when I put in 20 dates into chronometer the calories never equal 1000. I typically get max 500 cals for 20 dates… I have a bit of confusion for dateorade !!?


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