What 2000 Calories Look Like on Most Popular Diets

What 2000 Calories Look Like on four of the Most Popular Diets – Keto, Paleo, Vegan and Fast Food. We show not only the calories but also popular recipes and a brief breakdown on what the diets do, their benefits and their potential drawbacks.

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  1. I am a middle of the road vegan. I always get my vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients, but I do indulge in the occasional treat like a good and greasy veggie burger. Also you can miss out on key nutrients on any diet if you don't pay attention. I don't say that to bash anyone it just seems like nobody talks about the deficiencies that can occur in other diets.

  2. Cudos on each meal. Happy to see someone showing a keto meal WITH actual vegetables. In fact you could have added 3 times more veggies to those meals. Keto is low NET carbs so fiber is not restricted at all unless you are dialing things to the nanogram.

  3. Tbh, these all look like sad diets. I've done keto before, and I am really not a fan of the ketosis flu and decrease in exercise intensity. And vegan… just why not vegetarian?

  4. Just saying I eat 3400 calories a day while being vegan. I eat a very well balanced diet and I eat no oils whatsoever for obvious reasons(being they're unhealthy and there's other ways to get fat which are also much healthier).

  5. First of all… keto isnt safe
    Second… it doesnt cause you to lose fat only waterweight which doesnt mean shit. Paleo is just as stupid in regards to “health” . Third, vegan isnt a diet. Its an ideology

  6. Here's something with the Keto Diet. I have stage 5 kidney failure. Stable, but low function. Anyway I followed the Keto diet for 6 weeks. I lost around 15 lbs and had kept track of my kidney function as well. I had no significant kidney function change. My BUN actually improved slightly (from 83 to 74. Note Normal BUN is like 15~30) Of note, my kidney problems seem to be from scaring. Diet has little effect on my specific condition.

    P.S. I'm not on dialysis, nor am I going to get a kidney transplant.


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