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Hello friends…welcome to my channel …my amazing life…today i have come up with the weightloss series video no 2 ….so lets get started…..Are u fade of all the stratergies u made to loose your weight…..come on i have come up with 10 easy tips to loose ur weight and gain the confidence back…..so these are some of my tips…tip no

1) wake up early im the morning : always wake up earlu morning when u have started your weightloss journey because then only you will b able to do all the step by step routine in time.

2) Drink plenty of water: water helps in boosting your energy ,flush toxins out ,inctease metabolic rate ,decrease your apetite…thus.8 to 10 glasses minimun water intake needed

3) Drink any metabolic rate booster drink or tea- which are also called fat cutter drinks or tea which helps in shredding some extra kilos by boosting digestion ,it is best remedy

4) Breakfast early:- dont skip your bteakfast ,it helps in charging your metabolism and provides ypur energy to do your chores
And always breakfast like king means have good healthy bteakfast in d morning

5)Avoid salt and sugar: – if you cant avoid it fully then try to minimise is use…so dat body will not get bloated and sugar makes u eat mere calories

6) Eat more loose more with Healthy munching, avoid packaged food

7)shrink your plate ….it will shrink you as well

8) Be active little more: to shred some pounds, be a little more active ,involve in some activities like dancing , swimming,aerobics and yoga and any other exercise

9) control your proportion of food: change the proportion of food in a way to loose more

10)sleep early at night: sleeping early makes you avoid munching at midnight or late night and thereafter we dnt get extra calories

My last tip will be drink any bedtime drink so dat it will again give little push to your metabolism so it can do his work and burn calories while you sleep….
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