Weight Loss Update I FAILED at 30 days of CLEAN EATING.

Here’s my weight loss update: Started the month at 361. Finished the month at 347. This is weight loss and moving in the right direction: but I wanted to be held accountable and talk to you about the fact that when I was in Las Angeles for the “mortal kombat 11” reveal I failed. I failed at 30 days of clean eating. As much as I wanted to do this along with you, 2 of the days that I was traveling and eating whateverr was on hand, I wasn’t able to stick to my shakes and small meals. I even endulged and had a donut on camera for you to see.

Let’s talk about all of that.

This is part of my ‘rambling’ series in which I talk about life, the universe, things around me that are interesting to me. my weight, my health, my mental health, and the state of my youtube channel as it were. Please enjoy.


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  1. A treat every once in a while is not taboo! just don't turn that slice of cake into eating the whole cake! self control & motivation is key feeling great about yourself & the direction your heading is more than enough to give you drive and determination. love you boogie keep up the good work

  2. I find it ironic that you insist that everyone listen to their doctors advice on their diet. Meanwhile you tell that your doctor told you to aim for 1200 calories but YOU decided that you need about 1800 calories. Interesting. Wonder how long before you start deciding that you need 2000, 3000, 5000 calories.

  3. Trippy how the brain and emotions can change so quickly and can be so strong and life changing like how do we control something that literally controls how we think which in return changes how we react if good and bad are just a state of mind then aren't we all slaves to emotion because how i see it personally when you put everything in a group you know racial , social and political none of it matters, it doesn't. All that matters is you yes you because everything and everyone is just an opinion, meaningless UNTIL you give it a meaning.

  4. Failure is the best teacher, and really you never lose you either win or learn and learning is always a win, so with this knowing you are always a winner. What seems like failure is really just a temporary setback or moment of weakness to learn from, for all comes to us as lessons or opportunists. Ask yourself, what is this teaching me?

  5. You just gotta force yourself through the first bit. After a while, you developed a positive habit and everything just works by itself. I am at the point where I feel the need to work out and I don't even like sugar anymore.


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