Weight Loss Tips (2018) | My BellyProof Experience

Ready to lose your body fat and get some weight loss tips motivation? In this Fitness Transformation, Enzo shows how he lose body fat and transform his body by following a natural way. From 240 LBS to an epic 202 LBS in just 10 weeks.

Check out Enzo’s story at https://movementfirst.co.uk/enzo/?ref=enzo

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  1. i have a question, i go kickboxing and im trying to lose my fat too and after i start this porgram for example, do i have to give up kickboxing for 5 weeks or can i combine it together ?

  2. How tall are you and what's your age? Before you started you were already muscular, so I suspect most of this is fat loss from muscle burning? Looking good though


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