Weight Loss Q & A | The Secret to my SUCCESS

Hey guys! Stayed up late editing but I came through with another Q&A, yay!!! Excited to get some questions answered and tips out there for you to help you on your weight loss journey. Keto may not be for everyone but I still want to help motivate you with whatever lifestyle changes you’re making. I hope videos like these help. I did a sneaky half week weigh in and spoiler alert, weight is going back down. YES! Official weigh in will be on Sunday. Project Come Back is in full gear and going well. 🙂 Stay tuned for more Q&A’s in the future and the What I Eat In A Day Series is BACK! Starting on Sunday, you will see a video everyday for a whole week! Whaaat! Gonna be great! Thanks for watching and subscribing. See you soon!

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  1. Truly motivating I lost 64lbs on Keto I started in 2015 right after thanksgiving that year I am struggling with gaining 15 back after my hysterectomy 8 months ago I had gone to a moderate carb but find that doesn’t work for me so back on Keto. I found your channel and it was just what I needed to help light a fire within me. ❤️
    I just turned 50 last month and even with gaining some weight I still feel the best I have ever felt in my whole adult life never give up! You absolutely have to find what works for you this is the only way of eating that has worked for me
    Thank you for sharing your journey I look forward to watching more videos blessings

  2. Drink plenty of water! The water flushes out fat & keeps skin plump. It will also stop mussel cramping because your hydrated. 1 TBL of apple cider vinegar in an 8 oz glass of water a day also flushes fat.

  3. I’ve been doing keto for a month now. Only lost 2 pounds and last week I developed a keto rash. It was so itchy this morning and spreading to my legs that I had to make the difficult choice to increase carb intake (ate a banana and a slice of wheat bread). I feel so defeated! I don’t understand why I’m not loosing weight. My goal is to loose 50 pounds and gain lean body mass. I exercise 3x a week doing interval training and weights. I felt so depressed this morning when I did my weekly weight in and saw I’m still stuck at 206. I’m starting to feel like maybe Keto is not for me 😫

  4. I'm a bit frustrated with the process. I've been on keto for over 3 weeks. I started seeing lots of ketones in urine about a week and a half in. I was really excited and was hoping to lose at least initial water loss but that hasn't happened yet so far.. I track calories and macros. I started incorporating intermittent fasting since week 2. 😞😞

  5. I found when I first started eating this way I ate loads – large portions, but now I've got used to the fat and I eat far less than I did at first. You learn to listen to your body and it starts giving you the right signals!!

  6. Great Q & A Kim 🙂 been doing keto now for a year and i still took away something from this video :)) (still stuck in the 170s after MONTHS and Months ) only 20 lbs to go till my GW so i keep pushing cuz i will not give up!

  7. Thank you for your depth and for the reminder for me to stay Lazer focused and connected to my goal. I am binged watching your channel and I feel like you are speaking to me and my journey. I can't wait to see more and to fine tune my keto practice and my lifestyle overhaul

  8. I started Keto diet and so far have lost 45 lbs. I feel like I have hit a plateau and even slowed down working out. I don’t want to give up, but I battle MS as well, so I am going through fatigue, I am going to step it up starting tomorrow, and focus on building my energy again……you helped encourage me to keep going, that i can get through it. Morning is my bad time as well, so that is a good idea for my coffee.


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