Weight Loss Advice You Need to Hear!

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Do calories matter? Yes and No!
❓Can you eat whatever you want and still get shredded? .
💯100000000% YES!
✅If your calorie maintenance level is 2,500 calories and you eat 2,000 calories of cupcakes, fried chicken, and candy bars you will lose body fat.
🤡There are 4 flaws with this approach however.
1️⃣You will spike your insulin frequently which causes type 2 diabetes and you will also be pretty damn unhealthy lol
2️⃣Your energy levels will suck as your blood sugar is on a roller coaster all day
3️⃣You will have lower Testosterone levels from having a diet of pure crap, causing you to slow down lean muscle gains, strength, and even lose muscle mass
4️⃣All of the above will combine to slow down your metabolism which will halt fat loss eventually .
✅Solution: 80/20 rule! Follow a clean diet 80% of the time and have a few cheat meals. This is why knowing how many calories you need to consume for your goal is a MUST if you wanna look a specific way.


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  1. Troy,
    I downloaded your supermarket cheat sheet so now I have a question. I get to work out around 9 pm when kid goes to bed. I follow workout with whey shake, and about half hour later a casein shake. And I just watched your video on the "overnight" fat burning juice. In what order would you do all those? thanks for your time and keep up the good work!

  2. WHY are you not more well known? Seriously watched one of your videos and am more inspired than ever to get in the best shape of my life. In the last hour i've told like 10 people to check you out. Thank you for all of your informative videos!

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