Weight Loss 7 Day Diet Plan + Cardio Jump Workout by INDU JAIN

Calorie Burning Cardio Workout
Cardio Jump Workout will help you burn Major Calories
Get ready to jump…Full Body Fitness with ANTAS YOG

*7 Day Diet Plan for Weight loss*

After every 2 hours take a one seasonal fruit at a time. It will detoxify the body.

*TUESDAY: Oil Free Diet*
*Breakfast*- 1glass skimmed milk with 1 apple
*Lunch*- 1 Tomato Sandwich+Any liquid
*Dinner*- Banana shake/ Mango snake

*WEDNESDAY: Maximum Green intake*
*Fruits and vegetables Diet*
*Breakfast*- 2 pears
*Lunch*- 2 chapatis with bottle guard( Lauki)/ ridged gourd( Torai)
*Dinner*- Makhane ki kheer

*THURSDAY: Salt Free Diet*
*Breakfast*- Skimmed milk+ fruit
*Lunch*- sweet daliya/parantha+ sweet curd
*Dinner*- milk cornflakes

Sprouts with raw vegetables
Evening- Soup with soup sticks

Vegetable Pulao+ Curd
Evening- Suji Diet( Idli/upma/uttapam)

*SUNDAY: Cheat Day*
Your choice of meal

• *In Beginning start following this diet for 2 Days only and you’ll see the results automatically.*
• *Can add fruits and vegetables as per your physical needs*
• *Can start anyday when comfortable ” YOG ZABARDAST HAI, ZABARDASTI NAHIN”*
• *Increases resistance and immune system of body.*

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