Wal-Mart Grocery Haul & Meal Plan for next week

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  1. Nice haul. That bottled juice sounds delicious. I'm a sucker for any kind of cranberry juice. Those cheez its look so good. I'll have to try that marinade out. Tfs. 💕

  2. I love to see that on the Walmart brands I try the baggies from your information they are good ty for all the information you share with us great meal plan

  3. Can you do a cook with me on the ramen noodle bowl you create? My kids love ramen but I don't like to buy the unhealthy stuff. I'd love to make up my own bowls. Wonderful haul. God bless <3

  4. Hi LeAnne, a little off topic but in one of your hauls awhile back, you mentioned a candle from TJMaxx or HomeGoods that burned really well. What brand was that?

  5. My family likes the Great Value brand of breakfast sandwiches better than Jimmy Dean. Great value is pretty good. Oh wanted to tell you , I made your 5 ingredient baked spaghetti last week. It was a hit!. I liked it even better the next day for lunch. Thanks for a new meal to add to the rotation. Good luck with the snow. We are having a storm this weekend as well in Chicago.

  6. Something I appreciate about you is you are always endeavoring to step up your game, in all areas and that is outstanding! Looks like a wonderful meal plan and that baby pink nail polish was super pretty! Stay warm and safe during the snow. You are loved!

  7. The cheez-it crisp are delicious! They were giving it away for the freebie of the week at our local grocery store a couple of weeks ago. Please let us know how the chips went!

  8. We are getting a huge snow storm too!!! My daughter is bummed because her semi was postponed but I'm actually excited, we have had a really mild winter so far!!! Stay safe and keep warm!!

  9. OMG Peppers are so expensive in the US. I'm in Ireland and a pepper on sale is usually 49c (euro) Which is about 56 US cents. When they are not on sale they are about 90 US cent so still cheaper than what you paid.

  10. Girl, I live in Erie, PA and we're getting hit HARD tomorrow!! The mayor already announced a state of emergency for tomorrow! I'm so glad I don't work weekends. I'm NOT leaving the house!! Stay safe! And warm 😘

  11. I know you're of Korean descent but didn't grow up in a Korean household. Still, I would like to suggest you look into Korean food sometime when you get a chance as it's really, really good. I'm not Korean myself but live in a city with a lot of Korean population, plus I loved the show Korean Food Made Simple on the Cooking Channel. Why I'm suggesting Korean food? My local Korean supermarket called H Mart has a lot of ready-to-eat stuff that I depend on a lot when I don't want to cook. 😁 It might be an alternative for your family and add more variety to your diet and cooking which can make it more fun. Anyway, it was just a suggestion out of good intentions. It's totally up to what's convenient for you. Cheers.

  12. Good morning LeeAnne!!! Love the breads you picked up, I have never seen that hearty sandwich bread you showed I am sure it is only up north, the breads are always better up there, I buy all the great value brand too and think it taste just as good as the name brand, picked up the Danish butter cookie creamer today, I am sure it will make my coffee yummy, have a wonderful weekend!!! :0)

  13. I definitely have to try the great value products. I used to hate shopping at Walmart but your hauls are making me give it another chance. I love all of the Taylor farms produce as well. Great haul!! Stay warm and have a great weekend.

  14. Just wanted to thank you again for these helpful videos. I got married last May and now have 2 foster youths, so my lifestyle has drastically changed. Your videos help motivate me to take care of my fam in a way that isn’t stressful. I’ve implemented so many ideas from you and am so grateful! I hope you and your fam have a great and safe weekend!

  15. I buy the Great Value brand when ever I can too! I have not tried the jalapeno chips but I have had other chips in their brand I really enjoyed them. I guess you need to "enjoy" your snow….we are to get a little bit today and it turned pretty cold…welcome to winter! Have an awesome day!

  16. Hey LeAnne it's been awhile for me getting on here. i always buy Walmart brand if they have it available. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Love going out to you & your family. I hope the winter weather doesn't get to bad for you. Take care & Great Big Hugs from me!!!


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