Waka Flocka Quits Vegan Diet: Vegans Are Like Cops!

Rapper Waka Flocka says vegans are like the f**cking cops and he’s no longer vegan as a result. What really made him quit being vegan after 2 years?

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  1. People like vegan gains give vegans a bad name…in his eyes anyone that eats meat is evil and beneath vegans and his followers feel the same way, legitimately cant stand him, but this guy, coming from me who is a meat eater, I really like your positive attitude! I really do!

  2. LoL this fuckin channel…. "If you look at the weight he lost, you can see Wacka Flacka did some good being Vegan"……

    So the fact he got super skinny is healthy???? What if his health was declining from Veganism and thats why he got skinny.

    And you guys are like cops…. The second someone says they'd rather eat meat ……..


    You guys act like our grocery stores are 90% vegetables and the ones who buy meat have to perform a blood sacrafice to be able to buy it.

    ….. I grew up eating meat, and now because you vegans say its wrong, we're all supposed to stop…. LOL people are gonna be eating meat for eternity.

  3. You know what a lot of celebrities go vegan but is more for publicity and then someone comes to him and says hey you will get more fans if you become a meat eater. Hey if he wants to go back to been fat that's on him, i mean he looked pretty bad abd unhealthy. If he wants to eat meat knowing the cancer risk again that's his choice. I don't give a fufu if what anyone thinks about me being a Vegan. Thinking of the helpless animals getting slaughtered and how they suffer hell no. Idc if someone gets mad at me, says hateful comments they can kiss my $ss. Waka fatta is weak. I wouldn't care if im doing it for my health and because it's the right thing to do for the animals then who cares what anyone thinks. I'M PROUD TO SAY I'M VEGAN. As a matter of fact I'm getting one of those cool shirts you wear when making these videos. Listen most of these people don't do their homework and when someone comes to them with bull crap guess what they believe it cause they didn't research it. I make sure i have an answer for these dummies that try to convince me. Oh and guess what before u come at me make sure u did a blood test to show me your healthy. Love your videos man. I watched Dr. Kahn on Joe Rogan. Man i was pissed at Joe and Chris. Omg the crap coming out of Chris's mouth and Joe ate it up cause it's like we say no meat eater wants to hear that dairy and meat is bad for you. Oh well that's on them

  4. I think its a discipline thing please look at you like you have something over them because you exhibit so much discipline. it takes some getting used to people do hate vegans your on a higher vibration so people so some people will no longer vibe with you its ok, I hate that for him

  5. im gonna have to say tho, the argument he said about "vegans are like cops" is kinda true tho…vegans kinda judge meat eaters even if they say they dont, and i know meat eaters judge vegans, were all like cops trying to better each other with our own opinions and "facts"

  6. Have to give Waka credit for making a go at it. It's not a total loss or failure on his part, especially if he could say he saw some benefits from it. Maybe one of these days he will return when the time is right.

  7. Give him a break – he shall find his way back! I was a vegetarian for over 40 years, then I fell back for a short time, went back to vegetarianism and now I'm vegan for about 4 years now – and I could not step back! But I'm living in France and when I see what people are buying in the supermarket in front of me, everyone has a quantity of meat in the size of a sheep – so one should first try to talk about vegetarianism, not directly vegan – because someone who doesn't know what is vegetarian can't understand vegan! Every animal rights activist can do this personally for himself, but in public he should make one step after the other, otherwise people are shocked and turning away! Sometimes Moving slowly is better than Moving fast and having Nothing!

  8. Since 2005 we have been sprayed on by CHEMTRAILS, spraying ACIDS or Metallic Nano Dust also called Nano Bots. This is THE REAL REASON why MOST of the VEGANS have given up on the Original Garden of Eden CREATION Diet. HERE's THE CURE…. NO MORE MEAT-EATING…..JUST have RAW NUTS (pref. Organic) with the addition of enough Sea Salt or fine Pink Salt to make them tasty. This will give you plenty of Salinity which has been leached out of your system + also COPPER that is abundant in most Nuts. The WAX + the Oils will heal your gut. >>> THIS WAY you WILL DIGEST all THE NUTS, and NO MORE NEED to eat those POISONOUS DEAD-FLESH MEATS.

  9. There is a highly over critical segment of vegans. It's true but most vegans are the silent majority but isn't this true for any group of people? Radical muslims to crazy Christians telling women that they are going to hell for having an abortion. They don't represent ALL of any group and are just the crazy fringe that hurts the group as a whole. I personally don't care for many vegans as I don't care for many meat eaters but I will say that people need to stop the vegan hating with blanket statements. Insert of any group of people instead of vegan and it makes you just a bigot and judgmental if not more. I'm sorry if you had a bad encounter with a vegan(s) or had bad vegan cheese and don't want ever eat vegan again. There is plenty of BAD non vegan food too remember and it's not stopping you from eating meat and cheese still. Plus there are HORRIBLE meat eaters in this world too so are you going to shun them as well???

  10. Everyone dies even if they're SUPER healthy and never ever does anything wrong and is pure and nice to everyone and singalong songs and such… DEATH is still going to find you. So sure..BE HEALTHY while you're alive but you're still gonne die. . vegan is a choice.. meat is a choice.. dont try to FORCE people to live a life YOU'RE LIVING. .thats arrogant. Even if you're RIGHT and have facts… let people make their conscious choices and save your judgmental bullshit toward people who arent vegans or decide to no longer subscribe to Vegan. ..dont PRESENT yourself OCCULT-LIKE or no one will take you all seriously even if YOU show them documented proof of it..


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