Vegan Meal Prep | High Protein Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

Whether you’re always on-the-go or a busy new parent (or both), meal prep is the solution to all of your problems! In a world of fast food and microwave dinners, it can be difficult to eat a healthy plant-based or vegan diet, especially when time is limited.

Since the arrival of baby Max, our meals have gotten a lot less glamorous, until we decided to give meal prep a try! Follow along, as we prepare a breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 4 days worth of high-protein, plant-powered meals to keep you feeling full, satisfied, and healthy for even the busiest of days!

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  1. Love the video. Max is adorable and receives look good. I'm a vegetarian and don't really know to cook quiomna. Can you think making a video showing how to cook that with veggie stock.

  2. Great ideas but meals looks tiny. I would need 3 servings lol do u serve with a salad or more veggies? Personally I just put things in big containers and serve when we hungry. Just an idea.

  3. Love this!! I have just started into the meal prep world and it's slightly terrifying but these ideas are awesome thank you!! Also where did you get your drinking glasses with lids and straws they are amazing xox

  4. Meal prep would work for me, but even though my dude could visit the same junky meal place consistently, doesn't like to have the same meals on repeat from home.
    Being that I'm about to return to school full time, I'll probably begin to have some precooked grains and taters ready in the fridge, and peruse the Instant Pot when I just space it. Meal plan for my sanity and let him fend for himself? Perhaps. He's not plant based without my work.

  5. Great video. So many feels. Okay so first Dusty got a hair cut! Can’t handle the heat I’m assuming Hahaa and I mean that in the nicest way. Second I love that you guys are thinking of Max and for something that has a 2 year old yes always take snacks and food for him, easiest of course if he eats what you eat. Also that channa masala looked so good, but the star of the show was the Thai spice cashew cream. I do cashew cream weekly and this is such a cool twist to it. There like 10.99/lb bulk here do you guys find cashews for less? Even if it’s online I’d love to know, if there is anyway I can get a lower price, but hey maybe I have it good in Texas and don’t even realize. Thanks!

  6. Very helpful, thank you both! Also, consider reusable ziplock bags for your morning smoothie storage, they’re great for saving you money and keeping our environment free from plastics.

  7. Just subscribed! Thank you for these ideas ❤ will be living alone soon for uni and these would be so convenient (and delicious)!! Looking forward to more videos like this soon. Sending you guys thanks and love! 💖


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