Vegan Agenda 21 New World Order Diet Non-Sense

There is a ridiculous new counter-movement of carnist conspiracy theorists claiming that eating a plant-based vegan diet is actually unhealthy and a New World Order Agenda 21 conspiracy meant to undermine your well-being! Many of the people pushing this idea are also claiming that eating raw animal corpses is the correct, natural, healthy diet for humans. The following video shows how/why these people are not only dangerously wrong, but 180 degrees wrong, practicing the very opposite of what they preach.

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  1. I just seen that long blond haired retard in an article were he was eating raw meat in front of vegans. Wow super edgy. What a fucking cunt! I know as soon as I realized I was a grown ass adult and still not weaned and stuffing carcasses into my mouth I was super fucking embarrassed. Since going vegan I don't feel like a big sack of shit and I have a shit load more energy. Don't listen to the stupid fucks. Lift that veil Go Vegan!

  2. Love your vids Eric, but I can't agree with you on this one. Naturally reared animals shot cleanly in the head are worlds apart from factory farmed, slaughterhouse killed animals. Why on earth would ancient man spend all day risking his life to bring back meat if he didn't need to do so? You're also comparing veganism to standard American diet, which is a massive strawman argument. Standard American diet is plant-based also and includes some shitty meat and junk food. Of course vegans will fare better than those people.

  3. Dude the way I see it is that eating Animals IS more healthy if correctly practiced, with the correct rotation of fasting mixed in there. But here's the catch, SPIRITUALLY it's the worst thing one can practice. It's like this life has given us a choice between something along the lines of choosing between what's better for us and what's better for others. It's like you can follow the needs of the flesh/body or the needs of our fellow beings. I would never support going full vegan any more, I used to be vegan btw before anyone comes at me. I would however definitely be in favour of going vegetarian. Eating plenty of eggs and animal products which do not directly cause the death of the animal. But in an ideal world this has to be responsibly and morally sourced. It's all about the correct sourcing of our foods. None of this factory farming crap. It's disgusting. Ugh, why do I get the feeling people are gonna come at me with some crap…Whatever.

  4. The vegan agenda is in effect, and an actuality. From tofurkey to vegan cheeses, all across the worlds grocery stores.
    Now, a raw whole plant based diet is in fact what we must be eating.
    Change the title, or leave it misleading.

    Wisdoms eternal flame!

  5. It's nothing wrong by a vegan lifestyle in itself if we do it right. It's the food industry we should always be sceptical to. Always be aware of what they try to sell you and what you put into your body, vegan or not. Only because its vegan does not mean its healthy or good for you.

  6. The vegan strongman is on steroids and so is irrelevant due to him being a mutant. Plus basically all pro athletes are on drugs because they have to be otherwise they'll can't compete with the majority who are. Then there's the fact that all pro athletes are the genetic elite + drugs, shit they don't need to eat good to get somewhere. Studies have been shown that steroids can even build muscle without even working out.

  7. THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS. I have to say, this more than anything makes me know you are perfectly sane and you have no reason to lie to me. This carnism nonsense drives me nutso.

  8. How come that those NWO "killers"are allowing such a huge amount of healthy living and natural lifestyle information being available on web and not being censured in any way?And it easily could be…How come none of the people who promote healthy lifestyle and raw food don't get hurt in any way and are free to do as they will? And they easily could get…Maybe agenda is not so simple as one would think . Maybe everyone is free to make their own choice? Maybe things are not so black and white after all…raw vegan here,btw

  9. The problem is these foods get irradiated. Whether it’s a conspiracy or not isn’t that relevant. These plant foods get irradiated. The enzymes that allow us to break down the food are destroyed. Hmm.

  10. How much of an idiot does jake make himself look like there? 😂😂😂

    Fruit and vegetables are bad for you but eating raw meat is good for you 😂😂😂 that’s tickled me that.

    Great video this Eric. Thanks man

  11. that was an excellent video.
    we need to protect ourselves from the poisons they throw at us and a healthy vegan diet is the best way and no more suffering for the innocent animals!
    there's also things to check out like vitamin d, b12 and iodine.
    a lot of places don't do proper iodine tests anymore a proper test would be a 24 hour loading test for example, instead they much rather give u all the pills or hey how about burn away your thyroid? u never wanted that anyways right.

    save the animals, don't get mindfucked and look at it with your heart, as much as we are slaves in this world it is nothing compared to the lives of chickens, cows, pigs etc…. that is beyond your imagination.
    i really hope veganism will take over, it will be such a huge step forward out of the dirt this world is in 😀

  12. I ate a homeade hamburger the other day and it fucked my stomach up! I had taken a break from meat and now Im absolutely finished eating cows. I still like chicken but thats about the only meat Ill eat. I've also discovered that when you boil carrots they are delicious.

  13. The chances you're even eating the meat you bought is rare. Pork in the beef etc. Thank God I cut meat out 3 years ago. I did feel withered at first, but that's because I didnt EAT A VEGETARIAN DIET CORRECTLY!. I then did my research. FEEL GREAT NOW! Stopped craving meat in a couple weeks, and all the other MASS PRODUCED crap.

  14. Who are these two total cunts??? I'm trult alone. Too many stupid people aroumd. Vegetation is fluoride n chemically drowned. U fucking Idiots. U can ONLY be treated as well as the vulnerable disabled animals old people. Self growing n organic only. In.future they gonna own water n lsmd. U gonna be poisoned. Fucking twats

  15. my new platform…Life Liberty and Property. Remove any and all taxes on property. Property cannot be touched by the government. After a good rico is done on the NWO assholes.

  16. But Eric you can´t "be" a Flat Earther if you don´t chew on raw meat on a regular basis man, don´t you know? what are you stupid? Flat Earth now belongs to the real raw eating carnivours, like Jamielynn Hicks was one 🙂 what didn´t you know? are you stupid? hehe

  17. the Flat earth god Eric (we don´t want you to die) messes with Sv3rige this is gold man, i wonder if goatis still believes in flat earth, such carectas man, just for the views, and all because of self obsession, go take a step back from all the bullshit, stop fooling yourself, and be carefull not to fool others on your self obsession self fooling "path"

  18. Animals are meant to be eaten. Animals eat animals. Why aren’t vegans mad at animals for eating animals? The modern treatment of animals for consumption is wrong but caring for animals and eating them is natural.


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