VEGAN 2018 – The Film

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  1. I have been vegan since last one and half years, and i feel great! But I take milk, because we in India have our own one or two pet animals in villages. But it ia difficult when I come to city, can't trust the packaged milk. I think I should give up yhay too. At home, no chemicals, pure organic feed is what that buffalow gets.

  2. Animal abuse , cruelty and ultimate murder a.k.a slaughter is consider a tradition?????? That is why people people have a problem embracing plant food? I call it callousness, selfishness and ignorance. Vegan is the future.

  3. Since I was 6 years old my instincts told me meat was disgusting. I never understood why people forced me to eat it. Wow I feel so stupid not questioning it. Glad I stopped eating this shit a long time ago.

    I am so angry these animal abusing bastards brain washed the world. The deserve the suffering they force on animals.

  4. I loved the film, just wondered if there is any research to show improved health of a nation with so many of us eating plant-based. I would like to see such research in places which have new vegan population concentration.

  5. Having a "knowing" that a Vegan world filled with love and compassion is inevitable, it is the most powerful way to manifest the future! I love all of my Vegan brothers and sisters for infusing the planet with a new way of living! Vegan love is unstoppable!!!!

  6. Everyone has different genetics and DNA. Easy to say when you don't experience illness after becoming vegan. Let me ask you this. Would you rather a human suffer illness their whole life because they went vegan and their body deteriorates than an animal be killed in the shortest humane amount of time possible. Honestly, you care about animals but not a humans life. You're essentially swapping short term suffering (an animal dying) for the long term suffering of human which is more inhumane in my opinion. You're whole caring attitude premise is seriously flawed. I went whole food plant based vegan and it didn't work for me, and I developed iron deficiency, sore fingers, hair loss as well as other problems which are now going away after eating meat and dairy again. I have to speak out against this because of the poor people developing health problems who don't want to realise its because they are on a vegan diet. In this world we will never be able to truly eliminate all suffering until Heaven because of the sin Adam and Eve committed, even though I agree we can do our best. If you want to minimise suffering as best as possible because you care about animals, choose ethically organic free range raised animals. Choose wild fish instead of farmed so the animals had a good life, but don't condemn another human because they don't want to suffer serious illnesses themselves. (KJV) 1 Timothy 4 "Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.” You know what is a lie, vegan propaganda. The book Bluezones Diet that promotes a plant based diet is a sham. None of the people of Okinawa eat plant based, they eat fish and meat everyday. I know someone who has family with their own farms there. Don't believe the propaganda or or hype about this diet. Just google women getting early on set menopause, being unable to conceive because they went on a vegan or vegetarian diet, children losing their teeth on a vegan diet, infants becoming malnourished, there are now parents who have gone to prison due to neglect of their children because they were so obsessed with being vegan. Wake up! To be honest I think veganism is just propaganda and a conspiracy so the pharmaceutical companies can make more money selling vitamins and to make us ill so we have to rely on medication. Think about it. Vegans have to take at LEAST a b12 supplement if not more. It’s all a money making business. No civilisation has ever survived on a plant based diet. For THOUSANDS of years we have been eating meat! Only in the last 100 years all these processed foods came about, so if you want to be healthy eat like our ancestors did. Eat unprocessed foods, a bit of everything, organic and whole grains or ancient types of wheat like kamut, spelt, einkorn, emmer and rye. Just eat what you body asks you for and listen to your body, don’t give up your health, wellness and life for a fad diet. And especially not your children’s health either.

  7. It is not possible to grow biological vegetarian food without the blood , bones or manure of animals. It does not have to be big feedlots . We can breed animals in a humane way. But you cannot survive on plants . It is a lie. Veganism is setting up children against their parents. People do not know how nature works . They live in big cities and know nothing about food only what these guru's say.

  8. I just turned 48 and here is me. I can't handle dairy in my gut. I can't eat red meat anymore because I noticed my joints get inflamed. I have severe Rheumatoid arthritis and have to take high blood pressure medication and Rheumatoid arthritis drugs. Yes I'm 100 lbs over weight because I have days where I can't move. So I'm close to not eating anything that I know is setting off my pain. I just wash "What the Health" and it all makes since. So starting tomorrow morning no more meat for me of any kind. No dairy. If it's not plant basted vitamin B12 I do not want it. I can't cut sugar yet because I love sweet tea and soda but that will be next.

  9. Vegan scum have no problem supporting the enslaving of pets!

    Vegan scum have problem slaughtering billions of living yeast ANIMALS to drink alcohol!


    I can eat as much meat as I want and I do far less damage to the plant than most of you vegans watching this video!

  10. Did u ever get a chance to watch 2018 vegan or vegan 2018 or what the health both r super informative all love give them a peek u never know u might wake up a vegan n we could use ur energy n love

  11. This planet's biosphere (probably the whole life in the Universe) is built on murder of organisms. The greatest cause of death in humans is the invention of the chair and the rise in office occupations as well as artificially keeping alive individuals that normally wouldn't survive in nature. We don't possess the same digestion system as our herbivore ancestors (the rudimental appendix and the shorter intestinal length is part of the proof) plus we evolved a larger brain while being non sedentary hunter-gatherers. New technology allowing us to keep to this basic way of feeding ourselves by alternatively making our food is great but reversing it completely is going against nature and evolution.


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