FREE EBOOKLET http://www.sweetnaturalliving.com We eat to provide nutrients and fuel for our body, and if the food we eat do not provide us with what we need, we’ve got a problem!

Many raw fooders try to eat a raw food diet based around low quality, low calorie fruits, and it rarely works. The thing is, we need fuel, and our body prefers that fuel to come in the form of easily digestible carbohydrate, but along with that carbohydrate comes water. Water is an essential nutrient for sure, but there comes a point where it gets difficult to fit enough calories into our stomachs due to the high water content.

As an extreme example, no matter how many cucumbers we eat, we simply cannot fit enough of them into our system to achieve the necessary amount of fuel – measured in calories. They are to calorically light.

If we were to eat pure oil on the other hand, a highly refined product, our caloric needs would be met on a VERY small volume and we would not be satisfied. Part of satiation comes from filling our stomach with a certain volume of food. Oil is too calorically dense!

As you can see, we’re looking for something right down the middle, something that will provide us with the calories we need to stay active and healthy, while also filling our stomachs. Not too much, not too little – juuust enough!

Most sweet tropical fruits like mangoes, bananas and papayas fit this description perfectly. We can easily meet our needs with those foods. Temperate fruits like apples and pears on the other hand, can sometimes be tricky. You’ve got to learn for yourself.

Just remember – if it ain’t sweet it’s wont do the job!

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  1. Hello Mikkel, your videos are awesome. Thanks! I request you to make a video on below eye dark circles. Well I got some, I am living a relaxed life with raw morning breakfast and for now I eat cooked lunch and dinner plus I have a satisfying sleep. Need some suggestions from you.

  2. Not sure what it is but the less i consume the better/lighter and more connected to nature i feel. You get satisfied based on how you train your body to be satisfied. If you only eat a certain amount a day you eventually will only get hungry for that certain amount. We seem to be at a stage of evolution where we can survive with very little yet feel energized and full of life especially if its raw living foods/fruits ect.. The Human Body Adapts to whatever. Its superior in its own right.

  3. Thank you so much man, you've motivated me to go raw again.
    I only managed 3 weeks before the summer – I stopped because I thought it made me sick (turns out its only detox symptoms, I was only vegan for a year before going raw).
    And yeah I did feel hungry all the time. I'm trying to combine the raw vegan diet with intermittent fasting, I'll stock up on bananas and whatever else I can find and do this intelligently this time.
    I already lost 30kg on a starch-based vegan diet, now I have 10 more to lose. Starchy foods are really plateau foods that's why even if I exercised like crazy my weight never really dropped.
    Thanks again!

  4. Yea, bananas are best to fit calorie to stomach size ratio… What a coincidence monkeys eat bananas. That means we should eat monkeys instead of cows, chicken etc because they steal all of our food.

  5. Also meat eaters tend to feel unsatisfied and weak overall because they're do used to getting all of the fat from meat and they tend to confuse that for a protein deficiency. Eating lots of avocado and coconut when I diet at all fixes that for me.

  6. I have been learning about the raw diet and going on and off of it for 12 years. This short video is the best one I have ever seen. It was comprehensive but simple to understand. I suppose it is also because of what I already knew but this information was right on time. So now I understand for example, why when I eat a salad, I crave something with more fat density or sugar density with it. So that I cannot eat greens unless I have something made with dates or avocado or nuts. I am getting volume but not caloric density. Really I want the dates or the avocado or the nuts but I am having greens with it.

  7. hey there…I just discovered you and your channel today and I watched quite a few of your videos so far…I really like your philosophy and thinking and the reasoning behind your way of cosuming food. thank you for being an inspiration!!

    I got one question though: do you have cravings for savoury food sometimes?
    your diet is based on carbohydrades, like sugar, a lot and you take in minerals as well of course, but I was wondering if you sometimes fancy the thought of herbs, spices or some extra "umami" flovours?

    enjoy every moment and every bite!! <3

  8. Thank you for awesome video, very informative.. 🙂
    Also, would you suggest to soak your dates, maybe add them to the banana smothie?
    It makes them smoother and I guess they take up some water that they lost after drying process.. I guess you can add some calories to the meal by doing banana + dates combination… Of course it's better to eat mono meals..

  9. Ur a doll – prob got lotta girlfriends – lol- if that's what raw food does then dang! I wanna look and feel like a teenager again- I have heard some can even have the energy of a child when they become raw!

  10. Hello there! I have just found your channel and I am in looooove~~~~!!! You guys are so just the best. I have a question: about a month ago I was eating carrots, pumpkin amd mangoes like it was my job. For breakfast i had mangoes, lunch some rice and a loooot of pumpkin and carrots and dinner a whole bag of baby carrots. I then started to turn orange! People started noticing that my hands where such a dark orange. I then stopped eating these foods because the doc said i had too much beta-carotene but now a month or more later my hands and feet are still yellowish and the rest of my skin has turned yellow too. Idk what to do and i am scared of being sick or something… any help? xoxo

  11. Interestingly (or not), I felt my absolute best a few months ago when eating from the two extremes of caloric density. During the day, I would hike between ten and twenty miles, drinking lots of water; and in the evening I would eat a fifteen to seventeen pound Watermelon followed, about an hour later, by five to seven good-sized Avocados.
    That, plus the water (plus plenty of sun on my skin) was my entire nutritional intake for many days running; and, man, was it ever great.

  12. How long did it take you to fully and successfully transcend to a raw fruit diet? I've been battling now for about 8 months to move from a cooked food diet to a fruitarian diet. I find myself going back and forth from fruits to cooked food, and so on.

    Im eating correct and combining my fruits correctly such as Figs, Avocados, Bananas, Pineapple, papaya, etc.

    I believe I am going through the transition stage and it feels normal to be going through this battling process between cooked food and raw fruits – like a re – wiring process in my brain.

    It is an addiction, cooked food that is, and trying to come off cooked food into a raw food diet involves a gradual process it seems with a tremendous amount of purification within the liver, intestines, kidneys, etc.

    Eggs, meat, dairy, etc are completely gone from my system and I don't eat those anymore, for many years nows. But I am now in my 8th month of trying too fully transcend from a cooked food lifestyle to a raw fruitarian diet.

    Is the transition process that I am going through normal? And dd you go through a similar process or where you able to just jump straight into eating raw fruits from one day to the other?

    It would be great to hear your process as I am a little bit int he void at the moment. Many thanks…

  13. +Sweet Natural Living on a raw food vegan diet does all that sugar from the fruit cause any feeling of stinging your stomach or do you balance it out with fattening fruit such as avocado? How much avocado do you eat on average?

  14. Jeg trengte å høre dette! Nå forstår jeg hvorfor jeg ikke har blitt mett av å spise dadler! Eller epler for den sags skyld 😛 To goode eksempler på frukt jeg har stussa litt over, men det gir jo perfekt mening når du sier det 😛 Men dersom jeg drikker mye vann etter å ha spist dadler, vil det hjelpe på metthetsfølelsen? Blir magesekken fylt opp, da?

  15. Jeg er skikkelig fan av videoene dine! Selv spiser jeg "raw till 4," men du inspirerer meg til å prøve 100% rå mat. Problemet er jo at jeg bor i Norge og veldig lite av frukten her er solmoden… Har du tips til butikker som selger god frukt?:)


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