Here’s a few tips on how to overcome what I’ve found are the top 4 common reason as to why Type 1 Diabetics struggle to lose body fat.
Reason 2 I come across a lot.

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  1. Hi there! Im actually a type 1 diabetic girl, i have been with diabetes for 2 years till now(using insulin pump for 1 year) and im now 15 years old…ive been doing so much research on this one thing but i unfortuantely found nothing on the internet so i hope you can help me….the problem is that my tummy where i inject insulin gets so much swollen that it seems i have a lot of fats in my stomach and it really annoys me especially that i have read that fat accumilation is done by the frequent injection of insulin….so im trying to find a way to lose this fats and to get rid of this swelling(i always place the pump needle in my tummy cause i dont have as much fats in other places and as you know the needle must be put in a place where there are fats) i hope someone can help and im sorry its lenghy especially that i have bad english XD

  2. I really liked this video! I have been a type 1 diabetic for a year now. I used to be a total fitness junkie and now I won't lie by saying that I am truly scared to exercise. Diabetes completely reversed my way of thinking about food and I became somewhat of an outlaw. Consciously deciding to do and eat all the wrong things. But I'm trying to change my ways, this disease is a long journey and we have to live with it forever.

  3. If you eat a table spoon of 100% fruit jelly/preserves when you fall under a low blood sugar it will help to make sure your not eating the wrong sugars. Fructose is better than the sucrose in candy plus it works at the same pace to raise blood sugar ( at least for me).

  4. thanks for the information, my doctor changed my longterm insulin last month, I'm sruggling with the dosage now and I gained 3 kgs cuz I have been having hypos and needed to correct them by drinking premade juices at nights, I started using the app u mentioned on ur vid, I hope it will help me to track my carb intake

  5. Let me give quick advice to all type 1 diabetics. Firstly you need to know the first principle: more insulin = more weight
    The key to losing weight is to lower your insulin intake throughout the whole day. For example, If you’re taking in total 70 units of insulin a day.. try lowering it to 40.. Now to do this you can do it in many ways.. 1- you will have to eat low carbs food such as Vegetables or fruit or nuts etc
    2- lower your meal portions.. so you may have rice or bread, you have to eat much much less in order to lower your insulin dosage. (Thus you better off eating bigger portions with less carbs)
    3- Exercise! The more you exercise the more calories you will burn. Whenever you’re starting to workout make sure your sugars are no lower than 9 because you want to avoid hypos! You can lose 300 calories but once you get the hypo you’ll have to add it back after eating some chocolate or whatever..
    Now while you’re doing this your body will get weaker that’s INEVITABLE! So to overcome that you need to take multi vitamin and OMEGA3 tablets. You can buy them from any store.

    Tip: Don’t take insulin correction even if your sugars are high. After the workout your body will continue to burn fat for up to 48 hours, so just let your sugars get down slowly by themselves. Because your body is already bringing your sugars down AND you giving it more insulin will lead to hypos. I know it’s annoying and you’ll have to use toilet more than often but that’s the best way.

    Note: I’m diabetic myself

  6. Because I seem to get a lot of low blood sugars with changing my diet I would rather eat my calories than drink. What are some good foods to eat to correct my lows, but not over correct so I go high??

  7. I was fat before I became a type one at the age of 14 now it's a lot harder to lose weight but I started a no carb diet which seems to be going well but it can be hard because if I go low while exercising I need to eat carbs which I haven't needed to yet, but I know that it would be better to eat those 15 carbs than keep the low because low blood sugar makes you gain fat and I think anybody reading this should try a no carb diet I've only been doing it for two days and have lost 4 pounds it's a good start but not anything big yet, I also have a pump and dexcom continuous blood tester so I know what my blood is all the time and the pump gives me insulin because we always need insulin and the pump gives you maybe 1 unit every hour or two and if you do have a pump then turn your basil rate off if you are doing a hard workout where you sweat or you will go low. I hope this helps anybody who was struggling like me

  8. As a Type1 of 45years with a pump since 2001 I’ve lost 26kg in the last 2 years but, and it’s still a big butt, I’m finding that my brittle control has worsened since mid September, even though my routine hasn’t changed I’ve gained back 7kg even though I closely monitor everything. Any suggestions on how to stop completely unexpected hypos?

  9. I am type 1 diabetic and have an excellent management of my condition, injecting 4 times a day and checking by glucose level on average 6 times a day. I am really struggling to burn belly fat, I go to the gym at least 3 times a week and have started to do ten minutes to thirty minutes of cardio each session, depending if i'm doing weights, and i see only a slight change in my belly fat. I don't drink alcohol at all and have started to eat better, eating foods that contain only 5% fat or less. How can I tone up?

  10. love this video ! I couldn't live without exercise, I know it makes me feel better, helps my type 1 management immensely! I am getting better at exercise and type 1, but learning every day! it's nice to hear from type 1s talking about exercise for a change. agree with the knowledge, I love Phil graham for this! not only his book but he website videos and up to date knowledge ad a type 1 in fitness. carry on doing a great job xx

  11. Low key upsets me that stupid videos will to viral but actual videos that can help change lives like this one arent whatsoever. Thank you so much for the info dude!


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