Hey guys! Thanks so much for taking the time to watch this video and for joining me for another’s week’s meal plan and grocery shopping trip! I hope that you’ll continue to join me on this journey! Can’t wait to see y’all in the next video. ~ xoxo LJ

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  1. New subbie and am enjoying your videos. You’re doing great and I’m so glad you are sticking up for yourself. You do you. I think everyone needs to remember that before commenting. I wish I loved the cold weather but I live in NH and it’s 38 degrees here right now, which is actually pretty warm for a January evening. It’s definitely going to get colder though and I’ll be longing for summer. I’m glad there are people who love the cold weather. I think I need to move soon. 😜

  2. I’m with you on loving the gloomy cool fall days and pumpkin spice ANYTHING! Please do a video on the Beans and cornbread 😋 btw I live in Kentucky too. 😊 Love your cheeriness it’s contagious!

  3. I love, LOVE cold weather! Fall & Winter are my favorite seasons…I'm a Christmas-aholic! Lol I think it's awesome that you're doing this your way, and no one should tell you to do it differently! I'm very sedentary because my MS is progressive, so I eat more whole foods out of necessity. My best friend has to indulge frequently or she falls off the WW wagon not too far into program…as we all have a time or two! 😉 I told her about your video journey and she is THRILLED to find someone else who knows her struggle! You've given her so much hope & encouragement that she is now farther into program than she's ever stayed on track before, so THANK YOU so much for keeping it real! She's even copying some of your shopping now! You have no idea how much you're helping SO many of us! 🙂

  4. I’m new channel! Glad I came across it. I like your topics. How long have you been following WW? We have a few Aldies opening in my area so I can’t wait to try out some of your items

  5. Another great video. I like blustery days. I call them winnie the pooh days . If you remember the episode where he's out on a really windy day and piglet gets blew around like a kite. LOL whatever meal you make I'll still be watching thanks a bunch

  6. Some people just always have to be negative. You be you. What I LOVE about your channel is that your real. You live a real life your not on here trying to be the next star. Keep being the beautiful, brave and informative person you are and I’ll keep watching. Ps I love the cold too.

  7. This is your journey and like you said you are doing what is sustainable for you and that is key. I think you are doing great and love your videos. I'm interested in seeing the potato soup video. Have a great weekend!

  8. I love days that are chilly and cool too! I wish we had a fireplace that would be perfect .yikes that’s. BIG PIG!!! I’d be scared too. I love that you eat real food on your journey! And I think you should ignore those naysayers who criticize your hauls! That’s the problem with YT! Good for you for speaking your mind! Continued blessings to you on your journey ! Have a great weekend

  9. I really enjoy watching your channel, and when you said in Kentucky and I seen your mom I think you live in the town over from me. Girl don't worry about what people think about your food choices as long as you are happy with your weight lose that's what matters besides if you don't deprive your self of some of those foods you will do better in the long run.

  10. You will have fun one day comparing your grocery haul videos. As your tastes change, so do your food choices. I like how you said in your last video that this food is soo much more WW friendly than how you use to eat. THAT IS EXACTLY HOW YOU SUCCEED!, baby steps and with sustainability in mind. I know You’re on track because you’re authentic. Keep it up! I’m excited to continue journey with you 💗❤️💗

  11. I know I leave so many comments but I write them while I'm watching. Lol. But i made the salsa chicken and my husband said he wants that to be a regular meal for us. He loved it. Also, the Greek yogurt really does taste like sour cream!


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