No doubt, The PALEO DIET is one of the TOP 2 Diets in the world and the benefits are numerous! reduced Inflammation, weight loss, improved Cardiovascular Health, improved Lipid LDL Profile, regulate the Endocrine System, stabilize Blood Glucose Levels, improved Insulin Sensitivity, Diabetes prevention and much more! Discover everything you need to know about the Ketogenic Diet and how to do it safely!

Also known as the “Caveman Diet,” there are many questions and misconceptions about how to do the Paleo diet properly. In this video I will explain the benefits as well as the guidelines to get the best results!

Here are links to other video’s that may help. Also, I will be including a link to a “Paleo Food Guide.”

The Difference Between Paleo and Keto

The Top 9 Keto Mistakes

What The @%*#! Are Carbs Anyway?


Dr. Nick


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  1. This was about the best explanation I have ever heard on this subject Nic. I’m very new to this and I have very little knowledge on it, but the Paleo diet has been recommended to me by different fitness trainers. Thanks for your very informative video and I look forward to many more. 👍😎🇬🇧 🇮🇪

  2. I originally started with paleo when I was a bit younger and wanted to loose weight. It works and then I hit a platue and went keto which also work. Now years later I've fallen, gained weight and have heart and liver problems from eating wrong and other things. My first thought to this was keto but it became an issue because with keto you really cant not mix any bad carbs or sugars and if you do your heart will be worse increasing angina and cholesterol and shortness of breath in my case specifically so for now I will return to paleo because I would prefer a healthy balanced diet where I can still enjoy certain foods from time to time without getting kicked out ketosis. Although I'm not doing full paleo. It will all be organic and whole food of course but I will add in a little bit of brown rice and certain carby foods that are high glycemic or starchy. It will be very low in carb counts. Now the key thing is nutrients. Which I supplemented to fix my heart (garlic extract, coq10, niacin, omega 3, magnesium, vitamin e vitamin d3 and k2 etc…) as well as liver cleanses using apple juice short term. Just my thoughts and experiences.

  3. I have four kids who are used to Mac and cheese, chicken nuggets and pizza and most of my kids hate vegetables. "Please save the scolding I am aware the monster I created" but how can I make this kid freindly in an easy way do im not spending alot of time prepping and cooking for each meal.

  4. I really cant stomach veggies.
    And please none of that Grow up crap, i honestly cant swallow them. They smell good and some taste fine to me my throat just dosent want to down them.
    Is there an easy way to bypass this in my situation?

  5. It's also called dukan diet..tried this 3 years ago it was the worst thing i did in my am on keto it's way way way easier..during my high protein diet i stopped losing weight after a month but i continued doing it and didn't lose weight ..didn't work for me

  6. I really want to go paleo however I'm quite skinny, and I'll be starting new medication that will decrease my appetite, this looks like a way to really improve my health as I've been a smoker for almost 2 years and have had a bit if a drinking problem, is there a way I can maintain a healthy weight or gain weight on this diet?, If anyone can help please let me know.

  7. look at your nanna and grandpa they ate everything and lived a long life . its more about the toxins and chemicals in the food . eat a balanced diet and stay away from processed junk

  8. I have a friend who never once had a piece of meat, or any dairy, or even a single egg. His name is Paul Iverson from MT, who I first met in Great Falls, and he would invite me over to his ranch. He was proud of having never tasted meat. This is because he was raised on a diet based on a book called "Counsels on Diet and Foods". Privately I asked his wife Ethel, "Doesn't Paul suffer from this diet? And her exact word were, "I have never seen Paul where he was so sick that he could not attend to his animals." (She was on the same diet) Now here is the clincher, I did lose Paul's phone number, but the last time I talked with Paul he was 105! Imagine that, no superfoods in his diet, mostly he ate when ever I was there, lentils and potatoes. Never once having meat! While homeless in Great Falls, one of his friends, Franciska H. Roberts let me live with her. She just like Paul, lived on a strict plant-based diet, and just like Paul, never needed a nursing home, or aids coming to help them, and she too, last time I talked with her was over a hundred, I can't remember her exact age at the time. Now this tells me, that the less animal products in our diet, the healthier, the longer we will live, and when we reach 100, we will still be vibrant and full of zest for life. Oh, if only I never had eaten meat in my life! In their book that they go by, the author tells these people, "Not a morsel of meat should enter our mouths." Rich Roll, possibly the great elite athlete today, found that when he went on a plant-based diet, he was over and over coming in first place in the Iron Man Triathlon.

  9. I have chronic fatigue syndrome. Do you know if the paleo diet could help this in any way? I just started doing keto 4 days ago but I feel like death even worse. I assume this is because of keto flu tho.

  10. Everything perfectly explained, Doc! I currently eat keto (trying to cook healthy, etc) but since I switched from 2 meal a day to 1, I‘m wondering that it‘s not necessary to be in a strict keto. In fact I promote ketosis with daily fasting. I‘d like to switch to paleo with a low carb profile. I‘d like also to include some dairy since I’m perfectly able to digest them. More I will restrict veggies with high oxalate and stream them. What do you think? Great video 👍

  11. Currently pregnant with my second child, And wanting to give paleo a go. I’m really sensitive to grains and dairy products anyway but it’s even more uncomfortable when pregnant with the bloating ect. Is it safe to do a diet change during pregnancy? Also do you have to paleo meal guide on here yet as I can’t find it. Thankyou 🙂


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