the TRUTH about protein on a *vegan diet*

I do not claim to know everything but as far as I’ve experienced I believe that getting sufficient protein is a lot more important than many people in the vegan community make it out to be.

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  1. This is very true. While I was vegan I went to a natural specialist to get my eyes read because after 2 years I was looking and feelings extremely ill. I even lost my period. She read my eyes and told me "Your muscles are eating themselves because your body is starving for protein". As an athlete (dancer) I couldn't do that…. Thank you for putting this video out! Its extremely important.

  2. I have some digestive pb and I'm trying to eat less fibre and I avoid fruits and potatoes and lately I've been feeling better with more fat (a lot of seeds and soy yoghurt). I drink oat or soy milk with cacao.. Some steamed veggies, nooch, oatmeal, quinoa.. And I've tracked everything on Cronometer and for 1400kcal I get 75g protein(I'm 50kg so I think that's enough.. I'm going to the gym and I put some muscle in 5months)!! And a lot of Calcium! 😂💪And I never eat protein powder cuz I can't digest it.. And rarely tofu..

  3. I just wanted to share my personal experience a bit. I'm a vegetarian of 3 years. I wouldn't call myself healthy. I have healthy kicks and eat healthier foods compared to the average american. I recently started chronometer because I know I am not getting the nutrition I need, and it negatively effects me. I do want to note that I have had stomach problems my whole life that caused me to never be able to finish a meal. Since quitting meat, it's basically gone away. (Dairy and certain foods like apples will still upset it).
    One area in my nutrition that I do not struggle to get seems to be protein. I think this is probably due to being a vegetarian and not vegan, and also my calorie intake is high (not 3,000 though). Currently working on increasing nutrition per calorie.
    My boyfriend is not vegetarian. I had him also do chronometer to compare. His protein is higher than mine, but far over 100%. He is also low in vitamins and minerals, just different ones than me. Note he also consumes a lot of calories too (more than needed). So eating a standard diet does not mean you easily get all the nutrition you need either.

  4. You’re a vegan ✅or are you are murderer 🧟‍♂️🐷🍖. That’s that. Which do you want to be ?? Murder, or ✅? Go vegan, please, The Earth 🌍 is dying because of us. Scientific fact. Thousands of studies show this. ✅. Vegan curry 🍛, vegan 🥓🌭🥪🍔🍣🧀🍕🍳🥮🍦🍮🧁🍫🎂🍧🍨🍤…. No guilt. Win-win situation. One person in one year will save 330 animals !!!!! That’s something proud 😊☺️🥳✅👏. 🍛🍠🍅🍇🥑🥦🥕🌱🌿🍄🌾🌻🥜… vegan curry is awesome 😬💪✅

  5. Oh boy, serious malnutrition here. Premature skin aging around her eyes. No collagens, no animal saturated fats and fat-soluble vitamins. Watch out.

  6. More important than protein is minerals and fat soluble vitamins what is absorbed much better from animal products! Take a notice how your natural beauty is fading on vegan diet! You look much older than you should!

  7. Sorry u look really bad as a vegan totally depleted, premature aging, brain fog. U need some healthy meats n ghee in ur life! Support local farmers NOT big Agra soy burgers!


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