The Scary Truth About Carnivore & Paleo Diets! Dr Klaper

Is the carnivore diet safe? Are paleo diets healthy? Can carnivore diets really reverse autoimmune disease, digestive problems and inflammation? What does the science have to say the carnivore diet? Are plants unhealthy and detrimental because of the “anti nutrients” they contain? Will removing phytates and lectins and only eating animal products reverse disease? Keep listening as Dr Michael Klaper and I answer these questions…..
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Protection against cancer by dietary IP6 and inositol.

Lectins as bioactive plant proteins: a potential in cancer treatment.

Health-promoting effects of lectins

Phytic Acid and Kidneys, Cavities etc

Kidney Stones and Phytic acid

Phytic Acid Colon cancer

Prostate cancer & phytic acid

A high-fat meal induces low-grade endotoxemia: evidence of a novel mechanism of postprandial inflammation.

High fat intake leads to acute postprandial exposure to circulating endotoxin in type 2 diabetic subjects.

The capacity of foodstuffs to induce innate immune activation of human monocytes in vitro is dependent on food content of stimulants of Toll-like receptors 2 and 4.

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Plant Based Educators I recommend are;
Dr Garth Davis
Dr Alan Goldhamer
Dr Michael Greger
Dr John McDougall
Dr T. Colin Campbell
Dr Michael Klaper
Dr Milton Mills
Dr Neal Barnard
Dr Caldwell Esselstyn
Don Bennett
Dr. Robert Morse
Max and Charlotte Gerson
Dr Steve Blake
Dr Joel Kahn
Dr Pam Popper
Dr Kim Williams
Dr Joel Fuhrman

People Who Have Inspired Me
Dr Doug Graham
Dr T C Fry
David Klein
Norman Walker
Jay Kordich
Fullyraw Kristina
Lou Corona
Chris Wark
Andrew Perlot


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  1. I just lost 43 lbs on a keto diet. It's been about 2 months, I feel more energetic and focused. I eat meat, cheese, nuts, and non-root veggies. Didn't change my level of activity either. Only legumes I consume is coffee.

  2. If it's true that 'many' medical experts are expressing such concerns, why do we always see the same few so called 'experts' ? Maybe because most actual experts aren't biased enough to make such baseless claims, just a thought

  3. The doctor's two annectodes don't mean anything. I know 2 long time vegans who's heart stopped. And most studies just prove correlation, not causation. Now what am I to believe?

  4. Cows 🐮 get butchered to death, for a 🍔, that’s Evil 😈, murdered the innocent, you get to pay someone else to do it ! That’s a coward !!!! Watch it if you want, 🙈🤥🔴🍔🌭🥓🍳🧀🍗. Karma makes the world go round ✅❤️🌍 Joel Kahn . 4 separate studies, 🥩😮😵Clogs your arteries !!! Five minutes. . Holocaust Survivor, 🛤🏯⛓😵🐮🐷🐣…✅ . .The China Study. Actual photos, meat and cheese, and vegan ✅😬👏❤️. 1990|2014 !!! Get the book 📖 👏❤️✅ . You are a murderer 🧟‍♂️🍖, are you a ✅? Dr. N.B . Science rules. That’s the science 🧬. B12 bacteria. Science rules.
    Black female Olympics, ✅egan since birth. ⛷🥇
    Enough said

    Eating 2 1/2% eggs a week increases risk of Prostate Cancer by 81%.(👈😱☠️☠️☠️) (Source: Harvard School of Public Health Study 1994-2008)🐣🐣

    Meat is cancer☠️🥓🌭🍖🍔🍕 Plutonium ☢️, Asbestos ☠️. Number 1 killer☠️. Early grave ⚰️. Number 2 😵🥩🍗🧀🍳🍣🍟🥥🥫🥛🥤😩😵, 51% death rate 💀💀💀…. WHO, NHS.
    Vegans 4% ✅😬🦷👏👏👏….

    You’re a vegan ✅or are you are murderer 🧟‍♂️🐷🍖??. That’s that. Which do you want to be ?? Murder, or ✅? Go vegan, please, The Earth 🌍 is dying because of us. Scientific fact. Thousands of studies show this. ✅. Vegan curry 🍛, vegan 🥓🌭🥪🍔🍣🧀🍕🍳🥮🍦🍮🧁🍫🎂🍧🍨🍤…. No guilt. Win-win situation. One person in one year will save 330 animals !!!!! That’s something proud 😊☺️🥳✅👏

    You want to do your dog 🐶, or your cat 🐈, or a hamster 🐹, or a horse🐴 !! Monkeys 🐒, and orangutans, and bonobos 🐵,and Gorilla 🦍, are plant-based, NO meat and cheese and fish ❌, they are strong as 💪😬, flat teeth 🦷, like us 😬🦷! Meat eaters think, like death 🧟‍♂️🍖🤢🤮🤮. Deodorant mask your symptoms. Plant-based Vegans don’t stink, they are clean and fresh, boots as well, clean and fresh 🤗🥾🧦👕✅👏🌎. Change as a person. Murder is murder. Holocaust is Holocaust, no matter what. You’re a vegan ✅, are you a murderer 🧟‍♂️🍖??

    ‘DOMINION’ on YouTube. Please watch it, thank you 😊

  5. I wish the reaction videos would stop and that quality studies would be done that are controlled and randomized that balance out the epidemiological studies that have been done BUT are simply dismissed because they do not show causation (and often poorly done). Having a wealth of evidence from a variety of sources is best. Work on ketosis is being done and there are researchers investigating carnivore diets … these echo chambers spouting the same stuff isn't helpful or winning people over to veganism or a WFPB eating style. I appreciate all of the vegan/WFPB YouTubers doing their part, but the approach needs to change.

  6. Carnivore vs Veganism.. let’s just let natural selection do what it does. The most vital people will survive at the end. Btw Hong Kong is the place where people live the longest and their meat consumption is like 10x more that of the Western recommended consumption. It’s gonna be interesting to see how vegans manage also given that many are choosing to not even have kids due to climate change. Haha

  7. Imagine if you had been diagnosed with some kind serious illness like heart disease, or liver, or kidney disease and went to the doctor and said "I've started doing the carnivore diet" No doctor would support it.

  8. How utterly disgusting. This is nothing more than a foolish psychological reaction to the perfection of the vegan diet and the inability of immature people – often men – to grow up. They think that eating meat makes them tough, it actually makes them weak.

  9. I am saddened by the large amount of people who eat and exercise based on fake news, pseudo science and marketing. What ever happened to ACUTAL awareness and empirical knowledge? What a bunch of sheeple. I feel sorry for them, and the dis-ease they always get.


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