The paleo diet: Is eating like a caveman healthy?

Eating like prehistoric hunters and gatherers provides a very clean diet, but is it a sustainable nutrition plan for modern human beings? Larry Santora, M.D., explores the trendy paleo diet and how it works. Dr. Santora is medical director of the Orange County Heart Institute and host of “Health Matters with Dr. Larry Santora” television series, which airs weekly on PBS SoCaL Plus. Visit to view more segments on a range of health topics. Produced by Chapman University’s Panther Productions, “Health Matters with Dr. Larry Santora” is sponsored by St. Joseph Health, Biotronik and Weaver Health Solutions. Video courtesy Super King Markets.


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  1. Regardless of weight loss, one can try it for 30 or more days to just see how your body responds. If you see improvement physically, or in you blood work, you may be able to narrow it down to what is causing your the problem and exclude the problematic food.


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