The Paleo Diet Explained: By Dylan Gemelli

Learn everything you need to know about the paleo diet…


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  1. We love your video. I was really disheartening when i heard that your channel has been terminated, this shitty people doesn't know you are best YouTuber in the world who is educating us on fitness, drugs, nutrition, training and life. We love you Dylan. From – Marshall Moses

  2. Dylan,

    Lots of channels talking about gear have been shut down. I'm super disappointed about yours but am not surprised. I highly doubt you'll get yours back unless you delete all gear talk videos.

  3. Got your back on this BS. These guys just dont understand the science behind this stuff and most important knowing that you care and help people regarding the safety behind all this material. You may be starting over again but just, pleade dont get discouraged, keep strong bro. U help a lot og us, big time


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