The Fastest & Most Sustainable Way To Lose Weight On A Vegan Diet

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  1. I think that need to watch you everyday ti stay motivated lol I don't know about this drinking before/after eating accordind to digestion&stomach acidy but when comes to feeling full works. When board will be watching your tips plus meditation should work lol your funny Mr Wet Dream 😅

  2. Hii Matt , i wanna say thanks to you for motivating me to start my weight loss journey. I hav seen one of ur video in which u pushed everyone to start with small small steps… where u hav mentioned on the board and motivate others to start with 10-15 min walk and u make me understand the benefits of it at the end of year. So i started with small steps and started reducing dear. I am Jyotsna from India. urs subscriber

  3. I tried raw vegan for about 3 or 4 days and I was feeling kind of awful. I was tired, and even though I felt satisfied after eating a mango and a kiwi I got hungry sooner. I'll try it again and add more water, and maybe join the reset group 🙂


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