Teen heals brain cancer w/ raw vegan diet! Megan Sherow and Chris Wark (Chris Beat Cancer)

17 yr old Megan Sherow and her mom Maria share how she healed her brain cancer with a raw vegan diet without chemo and after surgery failed. Amazing fun interview!

Megan had 2 brain surgeries, and after those failed, she tuned to a raw vegan diet. Due the nature of her tumor, they could not do chemotherapy. She and her mom decided to turn to nutrition to heal her cancer. Eventually she turned to a raw vegan diet to fight inflammation. 3 mons after switching to the high fat raw diet, she went into remission.

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Teenager Megan Sherow heals brain cancer with raw food


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  1. My mother has cancer..adn ger relatives are urging her to have chemo ..the hospital staff scares her to death …she fell in the hospital like ten times because of anxiety and fear..i really want to reach out to you and get ypu tp talk to her..this is my earnest and humble request

  2. Thanks be to G-d they were lead in wisdom to heal with FOOD! And yes, I got rid of my TV when I got sick in 2010 – the L-rd told me you don't need TV. TV = Car and pharma ads and trash to watch!!!!! This was a great interview and I shared it. I will look at cured on raw! Thank you and G-d bless all y'all!

  3. my son eats all fruit until 4 in the afternoon and he is always first to finish in class at school,, his teacher said how his work had improved without knowing he was eating mostly raw foods and he has nystagmus eye disease and he cant see very well, hopefuly that will change

  4. I loved the enthusiasm of mother and daughter. They make a great team. Thanks for sharing your journey of healing. You're a great inspiration to having a healthy lifestyle and staying positive even under the worse circumstances. God bless you.

  5. Great story and by the way my Birthday is also October 29. A lot older than you can be your grandma. And I’m almost just a raw diet I agree about the terrible hospital food. Horrible.

  6. Hi Chris, this is the first of your videos I've ever watched, though I'd run across your website previously in doing research for my plant-based consulting hobby. But I must say I love the way you hosted your guests – I subscribed as a result. Thank you for your efforts in spreading awareness of the relationship between plant-based diet and cancer treatment. I will be sharing your videos with the myriad of cancer patients I'm helping.

    Also, Megan is absolutely adorable. 🙂

  7. I 100% cure my breast cancer in 21 days using Dr. Bob Beck Silver Pulsar and protocol . 100% cure and my hard lump went back to soft tissue in 4 months time after that 21 days. In one of Bob Beck's videos he explained that they took 200 cancer patients to an island off usa and 200 out 200 were cured of their cancer.


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