Targeted Ketogenic Diet — The best low carb diet for sprinters, boxers and MMA fighters

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The #OldManRevolution is for those of us who are 40+ years old, were never in really good shape and REFUSE TO ACCEPT THAT WE “MISSED OUR CHANCE” TO GET IN SUPERHUMAN SHAPE

F@@ck society’s expectations, we’re not dead yet!


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  1. I made a schedule for dividing the day in 2 parts, doing 3 trains in each part, totaling 6 trains in 1 day:
    06:00: Wake Up
    06:30: aerobic training, (using endogenous ketones.)
    07:30: (ingesting hight glucose sources).
    08:30: anaerobic training, (using glucose.)
    09:30: (ingesting exogenous ketones.)
    11:30: aerobic training, (using exogenous ketones.)
    12:30/18:00: (SLEEP's JEJUM 1)
    18:30: aerobic training, (using endogenous ketones.)
    19:30: (ingesting hight glucose sources).
    20:30: anaerobic training, (using glucose.)
    21:30: (ingesting exogenous ketones)
    23:30: aerobic training, (using exogenous ketones)
    00:30/next day: (SLEEP's JEJUM 2)

  2. Can I and is it adviseable to do this on my first week of keto? Currently on Day 4 but feeling flat and weak at practise. Canadian National badminton here and my speed training and conditioning has suffered on this minicut (which is to be expected anyways from cutting calories); I feel flatter and slower than when I simply cut calories on high carb but energy outside of training was low with crashes

  3. I was doin steak n eggs, had 15-20 raw eggs n then later had 1 pound beef 75% lean n my strength went in the dumps n my dick didnt want to do nothing

  4. Thanks brother! I faught in the past, gained weight, gallbladder removed and what not. I did keto I'm back and back to my weight but the explosive reaction time I had is gone. If it's not intense boxing i can go on forever but i need to be explosive when I fight. So I have options. You can reach out to me @keto_dude _sal on Instagram. I have a fight this year and looking for more knowledge. Keto alone is easy but 2 work outs a day..not as good for performance.

  5. I just had some sweet potatoes ..2 beef Patty's and 5 liver tablets from Universal. I'm gonna lift in an hour. would you say that's a good targeted meal since I don't have dextrose? also I took 2 table spoons of extra virgin olive oil.

  6. I'm cutting by doing cal deficit, SS cardio first thing in morning and my first calories are 45grm carbs from karbolyn and 10grm from dextrose right before I start the weights. After that, I don't typically do a post workout, I'll wait an hour or two and eat only fats and protein. This is very sustainable eating pattern,and only need to adjust calories to change bf composition. While doing this I have a similar appetite as when I was fat adapted on keto but working out is more fun with carbs.

  7. I like the fact you are "results focused" and not an ideologue. If your high intensity workouts are not multi-hour (e.g. 4 hour high intensity bike cycling), have you tried consuming high-glycemic carbs (mainly sugars) immediately after your high intensity workout (instead of before as described in the video)? The thought is that you have enough glycogen stored in your liver and muscles to carry you through your workout and only them afterwards as replenishment. Thank you for your channel and videos.


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