Tamil Weight Loss Tips for Busy Ladies | Diet Exercise செய்ய நேரம் இல்லையா பெண்கள் தவறாமல் பாருங்கள்

I have share practical weight loss tips for busy people specifically ladies. You might be a housewife or a working woman this weight loss tips will be useful for you


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  1. Hii akka.very useful 👏👏👏video akka😊😊😊.exercise pannadrathuku romba kashtma 😂😂😂iruku. But neega already sonna tips kutty plate la sapida sonniga atha than follow pannitu iruka akka😍😍😍 .3 month la 8 kg weight loss pannita akka.60kg lrundhu ippo 52 kg iruka.im so happy😀😍😃akka💕💕💕


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