Strength Training for Weight Loss – How Strength Training can help You Lose Weight

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  1. Hi guys! Your videos are epic and I love how authentic you are!! Not sure if this was asked and I could not see it in any of the comments. Please say I am not the ONLY one who has noticed this? But when you're eating clean, doing strength training and a combination of cardio 4 times a week, why is it that your clothes feel tighter and it even looks like you're bigger compared to when you could not train for a week and it seems like you've lost weight and look even more toned? Thanks, you're awesome by the way!

  2. hey guys u both r really genuine and convincing.. I follow your exercise plans. they r just great.. I wanted to know that after how long one needs to change the exercise routines

  3. Thanks guys for your super helpful videos. I'm really enjoying the variety of workouts that you provide. I was just wondering…. Where will I fit Cardio in my week, if I have to fit in 4 strength training workouts? I have a very busy schedule but I'm trying to fit regular exercise in, so I'm not sure how or where I'd fit more sessions in. I would appreciate some pointers. Thanks so much guys! 🙂

  4. My question is about dieting for weight loss. I heard that I should get rid of sugar from my diet and that includes fruits but this topic is so confusing because I've read that fruits are healthy and shouldn't be excluded from my diet. Should I get rid all fruits from diet if I want to lose weight quickly as possible? Or should I continue eating fruit?

  5. Hi I have started strength training with FB recently. Usually I do cardio with weights added. I have not gained weight working out that way. My waistline has remained 36 inches.I have noticed a 3-lb weight gain within the past month I have been working out with FB! Help, when will the weight loss come?? Thanks, I love your workouts.

  6. Hi, I need to lose about 10-15lbs to reach my ideal weight and I thought if I do strength training my scale values will increase. So, wanted to reach my ideal weight and the start strength training. Is it wrong ??

  7. Guys can I strength train two days in a row the same muscle group? Say two days back to back of lower body strength training? Please let me know. Also you guys are my gurus. You are doing a fantastic job I love you both its so much fun watching you and you make the workouts better by talking us through it.


    you said 4 days, 2 upper, 2 lower
    how would that hit all the upperbody muscles?

    secondly, for diet:

    should you stay at a caloric deficit – but increase protein?

  9. Hey guys I am 14 soon to be 15 in 10th grade I just started strength training about around two weeks ago I go to gym at least 3 times a week I weight 199 currently and am trying to lose body fat in around 2 months I usually lift 12 reps of 80 8 of 90 and 6 of 100 I also have been dieting how much wieght can I lose if I keep up this routine and is there anything else I should do?

  10. i have an apple shape body and iv been excersing for 3 week with cardio and havent lost a pound, im 4,10 and wight 151lbs for my height im obesse..can you specify exactly what workout would better fit me.

    greatly appreciate for reply and keep make them vids:)


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