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Here’s my latest meal prep, I hope you enjoy! It features two recipes from my blog (so you can see how to make them, plus I love eating them), and two very simple recipes to throw in as part of your meal prep. I eat these and other meals throughout the day and attempt to say below 40g of carbohydrates per day to keep myself in ketosis. I have currently been in Ketosis for around 5 months to help manage the symptoms of my PCOS.

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My knives
Edge of Belgravia

My clear glass containers

No Bake Macadamia Pecan Slice Recipe

Power-Packed Green Curry Recipe

More meal ideas

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Gluten & Dairy Free Meal Prep
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My Fitness Story
How to Become a Morning Person
Get Over a Weightless Plateau

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  1. I had been told how carbohydrate food were tied into weight gain as well as generally to keep clear of carbs, on the contrary had by no means considered using them to lose weight. The main idea behind the 4 cycle fat loss solution is to really train the body to burn fat for energy rather than carbohydrates. It’s based on the latest scientific principles into the higher than average carb diets of the Japanese together with their incredible long-life expectancy. The investigation suggest that it’s their high carb-cycling dieting method which helps to keep on being healthy into old age with a minimal body mass index (reduced incidence of overweight).Read way more here

  2. Ok very aware of my privilege in this post but how does the food keep? I would not be inclined to eat a salad thats 4 or 5 days old. Even 3 is a bit much for me. If it's a soup/curry/stew that's fine but a salad?? I want to meal prep but I can totally see myself not eating that salad and just letting it rot away in the fridge. Do you notice any difference between the salad taste on the first day vs the end of the week?

  3. So what do you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?
    How many days does that food hold in the fridge and do they taste good when you reheat them? Particularly the salmon?
    I normally like my salmon cooked fresh, does it taste bad?

  4. Hi! So do you keep those meals just in the fidge? I feel like whenever a do a certain meal for 3 days, in the third day this not taste good…(especially with tomato sauces, they are going bad fast in my opinion). Ehh…so I'm a little bit scared to spend 2-3hours (I'm bad at cooking) in the kitchen, so these meals would go bad in the fridge 🙁

  5. Can you please make a video about fashionable work clothes? I just got a new 9-5, but all the clothes I've searched for in stores (I'm in the US) the "professional" clothes are so ugly I can't stand it! 😫 please help! Worldwide online store suggestions would be good too! ✨✨

  6. I was just thinking your meals are small, but you do eat a few times a day. They look so healthy, but I never thought of cooking cucumber before, must try that.
    Greetings from Port Elizabeth, South Africa

  7. A massive thanks to you. Your meal prep vids have helped me more with portion sizes and appropriate substitutions for carbs than an alleged nutritionist working for a gym. The breakfast bake with the lettuce in one of your previous vids has become a staple and I have to very sternly tell myself not to eat it as it comes out of the oven because if I do then then I don't have any breakfast!

  8. Hi Rachel, does the high amount of fats really helps with the pcos? I know it's the keto way, and it helps you lose weight/keep you lean but i mean, it is a huge amount of fat, i.e the macademia snack is 100% fat. Does that help with the regulation of your pcos?

  9. How do you find everything keeps for the time between meals? And what about reheating? Surely the food loses much freshness and nutrients this way… Everything looks amazing, but I never like the idea of three day old food.. It seems dead and unappetising after a time in the fridge. The macadamia squares look yummers tho!!


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