Raw Vegan Lifestyle/ Plant Based Diet for Arthritis

Discussing raw vegan lifestyle, plant based diet for arthritis today. A plant based diet has been found to help relieve pain with arthritis. Can a raw vegan lifestyle help even more?
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  1. Thanks for talking about this. Going vegan has been a game changer for me. I suffered from RA for decades. I found the book Medical Medium. Started making the change in 2016 and now I am 2 yrs off all meds. My rheumatologist said I would be back but I have not needed " Anything" went off meds slow but for my experience, and Im 59yrs, I did not want to die sick like all the people I know in my age group. I feel great now was able to go back to work and now raw for a year, believe it saved my life. Having you on the web have also been great to get help!!

  2. I have arthritis I hate it. I am uncomfortable daily. My plan is to move to Costa Rica and eat Orgainic fruits and vegetables.. San Isidro de General is where I would like to go. Have you been there Jack? What is your recommendation. I enjoy your videos, hopefully we will meet in C.R. have lunch together. Kim

  3. Hi Jack, love your no nonsense attitude towards a raw food diet. I have type 2 diabetes and a low carb diet just isn’t working for me any longer. I feel as though the diet helps with the symptom (high blood sugar) I’ve seen my BS come down pretty much into normal range with low carb, but I’m sick of meat. I want to treat the cause of this disease (insulin resistance). What are your thoughts on a type 2 diabetic going raw? I’m terrified of what my BS would do after some fruit. Thanks!


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