Periods Diet Plan – What to Eat What Not to Eat in Periods | Painful Menstrual Cycle | Fat to Fab

Periods Diet Plan – पीरियड्स में क्या खाएं क्या नहीं खाएं | What to Eat What Not to Eat in periods for Good Flow.

Guys, This video is about What to Eat What Not to Eat in periods – पीरियड्स में क्या खाएं क्या नहीं खाएं. This is a very helpful diet for women.

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Comment (0)

  1. Hello mam.
    In your previous videos for pcod diet plan, you recommended barley flour, besan and sattu and mausambi juice, and in this video during periods you have changed the diet plan so after periods should I continue with the previous diet plan and about rice can I have it or not during daytime.

  2. Period let ata h didi kuch btay jisse tym pr ay. ..medicine nhi lena chahti mai m 22 age h cyst h but left kidney m sooo plzzz btaiy kuch help kr dijiy ……weight bhi bdhra

  3. Thank you so much suman diiiii. Nice channel apne bataya ki dry sabzi hi leni chahiye koi gravy wali kyun nahi jaisi ki broccoli and mushroom gravy aur didi Achar bhi nahi kha sakte kam se kam Achar ki ek phank le sakte hai na, aap plss Achar ki phaank topic par ek video kijiye Achar ki phaank se skin glow karti hai hamari.. Pls bataye apni next video mein

  4. Di hello i have a great request…i have sciatic problem + pcod..sciatic waist problem i cant do exercise plz suggest me a diet where i can lose weight easily without exercise..waiting for this video plz

  5. Very helpful video suman.. God bless you for all the great efforts you have been doing for us ❤😍👍 i just wana ask one question can we have proteins in periods like eggs , fish aur meat ?


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