Paleo-Diet Weight-Loss Secret.

Crossfit chick doing a slick high-kick says trick is eat a fish-stick! So I gave her the flick with my big thick….. …..celery stick.


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  1. Just found your channel. The darth vader intro made me sub 🙂
    I was Paleo for 5 years and I had to work a lot harder to stay slim and I had lot's of cellulite….so if you like that + suffering, hormones, pus and antibiotics sure go Paleo 😛
    For me, HCLF vegan ALL THE WAY!!! Great vid!

  2. Just hearing about the paleo diet is starting to give me a headache!
    I will always run into that guy in the comments saying that paleo is better and bla bla bla… You can't even argue back, because they make up a stupid excuse for everything you say.

  3. Paleo isn't as simple as you guys make it out to be, it has certain benefits. For example, its "users" become disabled and die faster, thus their harmful impact on the world around them is diminished faster than it would normally be.

  4. Spot on. The ideas driving the Paleo diet fad are so flawed it beggars belief, interesting insight about it's similarities with Atkins, I bet Paleo… ites (?) would hate you for pointing that out though!


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