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  1. Heya, The best results that I have ever had was with Marks magic method (i found it on google) Without a doubt the most useful diet that I have ever tried.

  2. There are several factors in fat loss – exercise, diet, motivation etc.
    But probably the most important is actually creating the food you eat appealling so you wont be tempted to keep eating additional snacks as well. One place I found that successfully does this is the Paleo Secret Blueprint (google it if you're interested) definately the best paleo ideas that I've heard of. look at the photos and awesome recipes.

  3. This video had no content relevant to paleo. This was just uninformative hype. Paleo is non-calorie restrictive diet that allows you to eat when you are hungry. Veganism may have worked for your body, however, each person's body functions differently according to genetics. My diabetic mother lost 70lbs in six months following a paleo diet.

    We needs facts and research, not hype and shaming for eating meat in general. (Athough the mainstream meat manufacturing system is corrupt and pollutant to the environment and our bodies.)

  4. Honey, I have never felt restricted with banting/paleo. And I lost a ton of weight from eating like that. It's not just eating fat and meat, I eat half a plate of veggies for fibre, quarter of my plate is meat, and the other quarter is healthy fats like avocado or nuts. And don't forget people who became fat from veganism.

  5. That's shit I mean for one the reason why animals are not very smart is so you can eat meat! Also eating dairy and meat is not destroying the planet!

  6. honestly stfu with this mind numbing rhetoric.
    How about they want to go back to a less extreme 'lifestyle' and eat 5% animal produce rather than a b12 shot derived from god knows what.

  7. well I tried a paleo diet on my second week now and I've lost weight very quickly – giving up grains, gluten, sugar and dairy has been the best thing for me and my skin is looking really great. granted, I don't eat a lot of meat mainly raw veg, fruit and nuts but I think some animal products are very beneficial. Fats are very important, for brain and nervous system health in particular it is essential that you consume enough good fat. you should read the book 'fats that heal fats that kill' by udo erasmus, he talks about the necessity for ala to dha conversion for women.

  8. so true! i went back to eating meat after a high carb plant based lifestyle simply because i was getting so much shit from other people about my diet.
    I felt awful, I hadn't felt so dead in years and I gained weight quickly. I could not stop eating nuts and avocados after trying to restrict calories and eat lots of protein. i had no energy, it was awful. I have come back to eating high carb and am already feeling loads better, i could actually run again! And I could actually focus. And my colon is quickly pushing out all of the toxic foods i've been eating.
    The evidence is clear, plant based is the only way!

  9. If you watch paleo vids on YouTube you'll notice almost all of them drink lot of coffee and stimulants like cacao. I don't want to have to rely on coffee for energy. I used to do that and my adrenal glands are shot. High carb vegan FTW!!

  10. Grains and wheat are what irritate your cardiovascular system unless you're an athlete working out constantly. Paleo is about MOSTLY veggies and lots of nuts, seeds, and good meats. Grains are not a necessary part of the human diet.

  11. The paleo diet is just a bad idea, full stop.  Not only are animal foods chronically bad for you but if everyone went paleo then it would be the end of the planet.  It's not environmentally sustainable for people to take up the paleo lifestyle.  

  12. My take on paleo is to have vegetables, meat, fruit and other animal products, in that order of quantity. A typical breakfast consists of an onion, 30-60% of a bell pepper, a spoon of real chicken stock, 6-8 button mushrooms, a sprinkle of mozzarella and an egg, all scrambled together in coconut oil. Sometimes I throw in some courgette or rashers, depending on whether I have any. So I wouldn't call that deprivation. Different macronutrient ratios work better for different people.

  13. Freelee it's great this works for you but personally i have candida and other bad bugs i am not allowed any sugar also we need good fats for brain and nervous system function it's critical. The good fats helps the sheaths around the nerve. People that eat low fat are susceptible to neurological diseases like parkinsons and dementia


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