One Year On A Raw Vegan Diet: What I've Learned!

The Top 10 things I’ve learned in my first year as a raw vegan. Click on the time stamps to jump ahead to any topic in the video.

0:24 1) Mucoid plaque is real.

2:35 2) We aren’t absorbing our food.

4:27 3) Detox is a long process not a quick one.

7:09 4) Things get worse before they get better.

9:21 5) Emotional detox is real and emotional healing from raw food is real.

11:25 6) The cooked food paradigm is wrong and harmful to our consciousness.

14:48 7) We are severely addicted to animal products and cooked food.

16:47 8) Eating animal products and cooking our food is an act of violence against ourselves.

19:11 9) Electrical conductivity in the body is the key to health.

20:45 10) Humans are living in the shadow of our full potential.

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  1. Some major Wisdom here!!! Plantin those wisdom seeds. Funny how humans have this idea that somehow they are more advanced than the animals, plants, microbs etc despite seeing such overwhelming evidence to the contrary in the form of how super fast we're trashed the environment and animals, how is that at all a sign of real intelligence? To me thats all just brain without Heart and thats not REAL intelligence, thats just isolated mind power which is cold and cut off from realness. All of Nature knows how to be REAL why cant humans?

  2. ''…limited us and harmed our consciousness'' – that's it hey!?! Imagine what we could be!!
    We ''treat'' ourselves by hurting ourselves…real clever huh!?! It's a strange state of affairs O_o
    So love this video…Surprise! Surprise! 😛
    Big love! <3

  3. Like John Rose always says, what ever deceives man seems to create a magical enchantment. Cooked food puts under a spell that you can only identify and acknowledge once you stop eating cooked foods. I'm so glad I've found this information, it has changed my life. Great video good work!!

  4. I want to do a juice fast for the reasons you give on your channel (thank you!). Should I take enzymes while doing the juice fast? Is it beneficial or should I wait until after the juice fast?

  5. Consuming cooked food is like alchemy backwards. Going from gold to lead! We need to get back to nature and our roots! Why are we destroying nutrients?? It makes 0 sense. A lot of humans are severely deteriorated and dgenerated. All this artificial crap is killing us and desensitizing us. People are walking around like the walking dead because they are eating foods devoid of life….dead food!!! Also meat and dairy calcifies the pineal gland…ooh you should do a video about that! Most ppls third eyes are shut down! Keep up the amazing educational content! It much needed and appreciated.

  6. Sean, there are many people out there thriving on a raw vegan diet, cooked vegan diet, non-vegan diet and whatever else. There are also so many who have transitioned from a plant based to a non-plant based diet that seem to be doing well also, Personally, I would love to be 100% raw vegan but I believe the best diet for people is to eat as locally as possible, whole foods. Eating foods that are grown near you are more nutritionally dense. I would love for most of the people to eat as little or no meat but I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon. Processed foods are the worst things we can put in our bodies and we all know that food is only one part of health. There are so many other things that encompass health.

  7. 1. Your content is good and your editing quality/intro/branding is great.
    2. The very first thing that comes up when you google mucoid plaque, as you suggested we do to see pictures, is this Wikipedia article totally decimating it as pseudo-science:

    Your channel would be a lot more persuasive if you addressed directly how your anecdotal experiences runs contrary to what established science says. Established science very well good be wrong, but so many raw vegans come off as quacks for not addressing this at all.

    I’m transitioning to a raw vegan diet, and covering it on my channel, and having a hard time finding any gurus who I find actually persuasive for these reasons.

    Best of luck with your channel, your quality is way way above your subscriber count, I’m sure you’re going to be a big success.

  8. This is such a great video. You bring out each point and explain them in such a way that one really gets the message . A lot of work went into this presentation, a lot of fore thought. It was very well received. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and doing so in a passionate as well as informative way.

  9. Hey~saw this video a few days ago and I forgot to leave you a comment! It was so interesting to now about your experiences, thanx so much for sharing. I feel I can relate in so many aspects 🙂 hope you have a nice day Shane

  10. Hi Shane, terrific work with these videos, congratulations on the first year raw! Have you ever tried Tavis Bradley's tonics? Conductivity is a big part of such approach.


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