Obese Dog Throws HUGE PARTY for Reaching Weight Loss Goals | The Dodo Party Animals

Chihuahua Dog Celebrates Her Extreme Weight Loss With A Huge Party | This Chihuahua weighed 16 pounds when she was adopted — she needed to lose HALF her body weight to get healthy. After months of working out, Lu-Seal is all the way down to her goal weight and her mom’s throwing her a huge party! Today on Party Animals, she’s celebrating her new bod with all her friends, a much-deserved cake and a weight check station for other pets to see if they need to get in shape too. You can keep up with Lu-Seal’s adventures on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lusealdog/ and Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lusealdog/.

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  1. The Dodo…..I can't tell the difference between your merle chihuahua to mine. They look the same when yours was obese at one time. Currently mine is obese and can you tell me what you feed her and how much, how many times a day, aside from her exercises. Mine looks exactly like yours. Pls. reply. Thanks..

  2. My Chi Miss Fern has lost 5 lb so far and has 3 more to go. I found snacks that she loves and there not fatting, I give her lots of raw veggies, she loves carrots, broccoli, peas.she hates green beans and Lima beans. I think its great that you cared enough to help her get her weight down.


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