NAVRATRI Vegetarian DIET PLAN | Fat Loss | Detox | Energy | (Hindi / Punjabi)

We received hundreds of messages about making a specific DIET PLAN for NAVRATRI!

We often see, during Navratri women complaint about lack of energy and not knowing what to eat and end up going hungry for the day.

In this DIET PLAN, we talked about step by step meals that we need during these 9 days to boost our immune system, gain muscle mass and detoxifying ourselves!

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  1. Eh best channel hai
    I train exactly according to u Veere
    And tuc jo quotations bolde ho
    Oh main status ch pa dina 😎😎
    Best channel ever Veere
    Rabb tahanu 10 lbs da Dabba bharke tarakkia deve 😌😌
    Te ek dream sach hoje mera tahanu ek vaar milan da ek photo hoje tohade naal
    Veere 😇😇

  2. Subscribe kr ke mere pe..mere bapu pe ahsan nhi krti..
    Aapko jinhone bhi aisa coment diya hai unhe kya laga hoga.I respect ur dedication for videos.but aap aisa bologe to sunane me achha bhi to nhi lgta na bhai.


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