My new way of dieting for (EXTREME WEIGHT LOSS) and awsome health benefits

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  1. If you have ever made an effort to lose fat in the past merely to have it keep coming back, I have some good news for you. The Venus Factor is a proven system that helps you lose weight with no gimmicks. I've seen great success, but if you would like to learn more you need to go see this guy's video. He discusses the liver as well as other parts of the body that may affect your ability to lose weight. Go to this web site if you want to know more.

  2. I don't know how have you done it I have already tried to lose weight by doing a raw vegan diet but it had never worked. I'm really amazed by your weight loss. ( sorry if I have done some fault I'm french)

  3. Kisha!!! I'm about to DO this! Doing 16:8 … eating window is 2pm – 8pm. Drinking a gallon of water a day. A.m. fasted cardio. Resistance training right before I break my fast. Eating 100% plant based. Super Excited! You're a great motivation girl!

  4. Ok Kisha! I just cant get started. Any advice? Tips? I bought shoes, workout vids….I buy the right food, along with the wrong food….I need inspiration or something to kick me in the butt!!! Help!

  5. Since raw veganism digests so fast what do you eat that gives you the sustained energy since you don't really like nuts & seeds? Also, how do you avoid bloating & gas 100% raw?

  6. Im a newbie and I am shape just like you right now at your heaviest I want to loose weight so bad im liking you videos and now I am ready to take this journey I know that I can do it thank you for sharing your videos peace and blessings I know I will have plentry of questions do you have any suggestions on what to do first I was looking into the intermittent fasting do you suggest and how do I began to start im so exicted and so confuse at the same time but here it first question from me

  7. I say "go my sistha!" I watch your videos while I'm cooking for inspiration. I love your fam!! You are just being yourself. I made the spinach, ginger, water and lemon juice…about 3 shot (squeeze bottle). Loved it!! I'm on my journey. Want to tell you God bless you and your healthier choices. My highest weight I ever been was 279, I never got that high…I love me so much that I've been (and since watching your channel) inspired every day!

  8. @Kisha…I Landed Here By Accident…But Know, I'm Intriqued As To How You Can Help My Journey Of Losing Weight Too. Do You Have Diet Recipes On Your Site, Excercise Regimens On Your Site…Or Is It Just Talking. I Need To Know More…Holler!!!

  9. wow! I have recently became a vegetarian and have lost weight by doing so. Although I am quickly realising that I need to became vegan to become truly healthy and to loose more weight. New sub right here 😊

  10. Kisha thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. You look so awesome. 🙂 Inspirational and encouraging! I really have been considering raw vegan for a while now and I think that im going to try it out. I have one question, when you work out what do you consume before and after a workout?


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