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  1. Scientific proof show that it is possible to maximize your muscle building process 2x-3x more quickly; by simply modify your nutrition plan. Because the time you spend on the workout room is only 3% of all your time.

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  3. Hello Don, It depends what you mean with cooking. If you mean adding to your food Virgin Olive and Almond oil are great but if you start heating those oils your destroying all goodness out of these oils. Peanut oil and butter is better, Cocos oil is the best for heating in food.

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  9. Is it possible to get stronger and lose a huge amount of weight. I enjoy lifting weights or exercises that give me a high like stairs or my kettlebell/dumbbell circuit. I find walking or low intensity training boring. I had success two years ago lost nearly a hundred pounds but have slowly put it all back on. I am looking for long term changes to help change my life.

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