Mukbang! PLUS Chit Chat: Menopause, Co-Sleeping, the Paleo Diet, and How to Put Your Baby to Sleep

Another Delicious Meal with Fun Filled Conversation ~


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  1. Loved this video, you are a very articulate, beautiful lady and a wonderful mother. I have 2 children, 1 who's 16 and my 8 year old son. Other than when my daughter was a baby and I was breastfeeding we co-slept. At 7 months off to her own room she went. My son on the other hand still sleeps with me at 8!! He was breastfed until 2 (he refused to stop) but I tried putting him in his cot from 7 months old and he screamed the place down…. I tried to work it out over a few months, but he got into such a state I had to give in and back to my room he went. Finally at 2 I bought 2 single beds for his room … 1 for him and 1 for me….. that kind of worked. My husband and I separated when Zach was 4 and he returned to my room with me (I was still sleeping in his room)…. new house and he still sleeps with me. Zachri does have several development issues and he constantly needs to feel you close at night. Personally I am sick of it and I am fed up having to wear a bra in bed lol. I have tried everything to get him into his own room …. but nope nothing works. Suggestions please!!!!!

  2. Loved the HEALTHY Mukbangs, I wish more people would do them…. I mean if they think about it that bowl you had was sooo big n when its filled with healthy stuff, you really can eat alot more ❤👍💯🎉 thank you frugal mommy🤗🤘🌈

  3. I love making my own flavored yogurt. i use my mini processor and mush up banana and strawberries and mix it in greek yogurt. soooooooo much better than premade store bought. the other day I made mango pinapple coconut! no granola or walnuts.
    You're inhaling it because it's so delicous. lol
    If I had my choice I'd go back to 25… when I could eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and didn't gain an ounce!
    I never had a mango until I was an adult too. Actually I don't remember having much fruit at all. Money was always tight. In one house we had a ton of property and the owner had planted a bunch of fruit trees. Apple, pear and plum. never got plums but had tons of apples and pears. they weren't great tho. we also had all the wild berries: blueberry, mullberry, raspberries and grapes but they were pretty sour.
    As for menopause… I'm almost 49 (48 when you posted this), that ship has said YEARS ago. I was all done by 45. I went thru it early. I was blessed w/ a lot of extra testosterone so that's prob. why. So glad I had my son when I did or it may have never happened. (I was 32). The only problem I have is HOT FLASHES. They started w/ perimenopause at 38 and have yet to stop. 11 freaking years. I'd rather take a monthly visit than the damn hot flashes. At least they seem to be more seasonal now and go away in the winter. I wish I could have them in the winter and not the summer. I sleep in summer pjs with the window open or ac AND a fan on 365 days/year.
    Oh the joy! lol.

  4. My first Mukbang, and it’s like midnight and I want to watch them all, I don’t know how old they are but menopause hit me early thanks to a hysterectomy I haven’t lost my flexibility and love not having the curse, I never got to have kids but think co-sleeping would have been for me, the cats and dog are co-sleepers and wouldn’t want it any other way. I keep my snore husband next to me, can’t imagine any other way. I do miss the idea of being a mom but the word malignant was really scary, go to find out why your not getting pregnant hearing biopsy and hysterectomy well, living with husband, dog, and cats will be for me. I go to Walmart on food stamp day and see God was looking out for me maybe I could have been like my mom total nightmare.

  5. I think I’m the same age as you,, Amy ( I was born in February 1965). I’m feeling some aches and pains and not as flexible. And I’ve certainly put on weight and it’s hard to get rid of it, and I’ve learnt I only lose weight on a strict vegetarian diet, and I feel better on a vegetarian diet.

  6. Amy, you are so inspiring to watch. Watching you helps me cope with depression, you have asich a positive, ‘badass’ attitude, makes me feel stronger. I am so glad I found your channel. You have no idea how much help you are to my menaopausal psychy!

  7. Im 59 and I was glad to go thru the change as it makes you feel free and you also think of many things that you never had time to think of when you were younger – yes 40 yrs is a long time to have a period and I hated it too

  8. I’m 52 I have 6 kids my youngest is 15. I have 10 grandchildren. I no longer color my hair. I’m letting Mother Nature take its course with my hair. Love all your videos!!

  9. When I still hadn't stopped my periods by 52, my doctor put me on Progesterone for a few months and they stopped. I was thrilled! I also never went through any menopausal symptoms since I was eating healthy and walking, which is probably what you'll be doing since you eat well.

  10. I know you eat healthy, but if you don't take a multi-vitamin, I would highly suggest it as an over 50 woman – amazing how much better you feel. Guessing it's the micro-nutrients? After a couple weeks, if you happen to miss a day taking it, you will notice immediately!

  11. I'm 65 and trying to eat as healthy as possible because as the body changes,the foods we used to love sometimes doesnt love us back.
    To me, menopause has got it's good parts,no more monthlies and l think that's freakin' fantastic. You get more discounts as a senior citizen.My bus rides are all free.
    And dont get me started on cuts on my utility bills. Keep up those mukbangs,In my opinion you look gorgeous,so stay your one of a kind self and keep diving.

  12. Menopause was no big deal for me. My periods just became heavier the year prior, then stopped entirely. No mood swings, no hot flashes. Just no menses. Yeah! I was so happy to be rid of that monthly mess. You're right about older people becoming invisible. I'm 63 and after retiring at 62 I felt like everybody forgot I ever existed. Out of sight, out of mind. But I am thankful for the companionship of my boyfriend and our 2 dogs.

  13. I am soooooooooooooo glad I'm post menopausal. I used to have periods from hell. You said Frugal Daddy snores. Has he ever been tested for sleep apnea? My husband and I both have sleep apnea and we have our CPAP machines. I laughed when you mentioned margarine or butter for Frugal Daddy. My husband would put margarine on margarine or butter on butter. I love butter but I hate margarine. And it's your choice how you want to sleep. A lot of couples sleep in separate rooms. I wouldn't think it would affect the sex life. I love you Amy. You're so candid, you say whatever..don't ever change for anyone.

  14. This makes me worry less about growing older. I always wonder how I will be health wise but it is just a matter of making wiser, healthier choices. I also sleep with my son and I don’t have a problem with it because he feels safer.

  15. I had my I had to have a daughter and uterus removed do to hemorrhaging and a few years later. I had to have my ovaries removed as I had big cyst on them. That where growing.. I never missed them. I never wore much makeup and never liked perms or dying my hair. Or curling it.

  16. What’s wrong with your natural color. I think my hair is still brown aT AGE 64 as I didn’t dye or perm it after my 7th grade as my mom use to make me wear it short and permed and she died it auburn twice once in 6th and once in 7th. And I told her that was the last time. I don’t like sleeping in brush curlers every Sunday night. And I wanted long hair.

  17. I'm 52 too but became a empty nester last summer and I think I'm finished with menopause it's been 3 years without my monthly friend lol love your videos you could always become a comedian for another job lol have a great Day!!🐇🐰

  18. I think your a natural beauty! Your personality, your sense of humor, your love for your family, your knowledge on being frugal just makes you such a beautiful person inside and out. Don't ever apologize for being you! I wish you had your own show on tv. A real hostess with the mostest for the real world.

  19. That bowl is like Mary Poppins carpet bag, there is no bottom lol, even though you are eating quite a bit it still looks as full halfway though the vlog as it did at the beginning. I am 52 & started the menopause 8 months ago, so far I have had no hot sweats or mood swings but it is early days. Xx

  20. Amy can u cook potato.soup ?
    And banana pudding sometime?
    I learn so much from u. I'm in love with your girls. Omg so beautiful. Daddy is a good guy and a hoot.
    U are a very strong woman and the world needs more like u!!!!

  21. YES MUKBANG! Please don't apologize for your beauty. Getting old ain't for sissies! My first mango was @ the haymarket boston. 1983. I finally@56 stopped buying rags thankyou GEEZUS!


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