Meal Planning Hacks to Save You Money: Real Frugal Life

Meal planning will save you money. Let’s talk about some tips for fast meal planning.


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  1. Another fun Idea for meatless Monday is having Omelets. There is no ends of the veggie, fruit, and cheese combos you can do in the omelets. My favorite is Avocado and Cream Cheese, Pears and Brie cheese, and spinach and provolone.

    Another fund them night is baked potatoes bar with both regular and sweet potatoes with a variety of toppings.

  2. Label food before freezing!!! I’ve always cooked more than I need so I can enjoy the food later, with so much less time invested. As a single gal, I always froze some of my cooking, convinced that I’d know what it was later. Well I didn’t and ended up wasting a lot of awesome food to freezer burn years later. Now I always label a ziplock before putting food in it so I don’t have to fight any water on the outside of the bag, and freeze. When I’m starving after a long day of work or am not in the mood to eat the salad I planned, I actually want to eat the delicious freezer meal instead of dismissing it as stock broth or something. 🙂 My label reminds me that it was made for love for just such an occasion.

  3. I love what I call cooking for my freezer. When I find a good price on ground beef, I will buy like 20 or 30 pounds of it, it comes in 10 pound tubes. Then I will spend several hours cooking meals, 4 lasagna, 4 batch sloppy Joes, 4 batch chili, 4 tater tot casserole, and 4 pasta sauce for spagetti and goulash, then I freeze them. I do add the date and every couple months, I pull everything out of my freezer and organize and rotate everything. Nothing gets old in my freezer. I also will but Chicken, Ribs, Pork or beef roast on sale, like enough to fill my big roaster and I will cook it til is nice and tender and freeze it in meal size freezer bags. This saves me lots of money and lots of time making dinner each night. I just have to pull something out the night before to thaw.

  4. For people living alone. I recently purchased BPA free tv dinner plastic trays with lids. I make my own frozen meals. This saves time and money. Amazon sells the tv trays BPA free.

  5. I use an electric knife to cut my paper towel roll in half. Therefore, I made my own pick a size. Recently I am going to start the Spend NO money on September 1st. I will be using rags from now on. For napkins use mens red hankys. They dry really fast when hung up or washed.

  6. I purchased a delicious rotisserie baked chicken from Costco for $4.25. De-boned it & made a green salad w/ some of that chicken on top. Next day we had chicken pasta bake, next day we had chicken street tacos & when my hubby brought a green salad w/ the rotisserie chicken on top he had co-workers ask if I would start selling those salads to them for $7 each. I sold 4 . Had another order for 5 more. All on that one huge baked chicken! I know how to cook on a budget only b/c I had no choice in the last 20 years. I think I need to make an Ebook on my frugal recipes. Now that's an idea!!!!

  7. Absolutely love this 💜 thank you so much for the help and ideas! My fiance and me are vegans and I love the idea of making one main dish, and seeing far it'll go. You rock girl 💜💜

  8. Another advantage to shopping on the last day of the sale is that if they're out of an item you can get a rain check and redeem it when you have more space in your pantry. Most places give rain checks that give you a month to redeem them.

  9. I LOVE cookbooks such as 4  or ingredient or less books.  This way I do not have to buy as many ingredients.  I also write notes  by the recipe if my family members want me to make it again, or how I would change the recipe.

  10. Can you share a list and maybe some recipes of your 10-20 go to meals? We definitely have a list but they aren't very quick to make, more just meals we like to eat. They wind up being more complicated than we have time for and we give in to eating out too much.

  11. I checked out the collab videos but I guess I am in the minority of your viewership who has adult kids that have grown up and moved away. I personally feel for the young moms' who are sleep deprived and I am really thankful that those days are behind me. I really love your videos. I never knew how to budget my money until I got married at age 21. My husband showed me how he managed his money and made a paper budget (computers were just starting to come into the picture). I think budgeting should be taught in school – at least a required course in high school! These are basic life management skills that EVERYONE needs. Thanks so much for doing these videos!

  12. Soup is a great "make in bulk and freeze" meal and wonderful for using up your sad, wilty vegies in the fridge. I pretty much always have home made stock in the freezer, so if you do, it's even easier!

  13. I do the double recipe thing all the time. It saves money, time and it's great if you have some basics that you can make a big amount of and spice up different ways.
    My meatless days are usually either omelettes with different fillings – nutritious, easy, cheap and filling, vegie lasagne or au gratin or a thick vegie soup – all great and tasty.
    Soups are great for a nutritious, cheap meal and I never waste a chicken carcass or other bones and vegie peelings – I make strained stock which can be used for a variety of purposes and stores well in the freezer.
    Winter is great for doing all of your cooking (or almost all) on the one day – stock, some soup, then use some of that to make a stew etc then freeze them. Much better and tastier than packet stuff and no cooking for the rest of the week!

  14. I love your ideas. I do the mark down meats at my supermarket on mornings and holidays. They mark down 30 to 75%. The butchers call it the sin bin, over cuts). I repackage and have a system in my freezer to rotate my stock. I have done this for 10 years and will keep on forever.


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