Hello everyone, in today’s video I share my meal plan as well as the grocery haul I got from Tesco and watch me organise and put all the shopping away.

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  1. Great haul! I finally ordered the meal planner and it got here yesterday. I'm looking forward to using it! I use an app that I really like for my grocery list, so I won't be writing my grocery list on it. I always do a little bit of meal prepping on the weekend for the week ahead, so I'll be using the grocery list area to write down the things I want to prepare. I started chemo treatments this past week, and it's really helped being organized with the meals.

  2. Let us know how the African meals were. They look very interesting. I wouldn't bother with okra, horrible stuff. They sell it in Indian restaurants and it's called Lady Fingers. Great vid as usual.

  3. I use a meal planner too, I couldn't find one when I started so bought a fancy notebook and divided the pages up. Enjoyed your grocery haul, Asda is my local store so it's interesting to see other supermarket groceries.

  4. Thanks for sharing your grocery haul with us, it’s nice to see the different kinds of products y’all have there than what we have here in the states. One thing that’s the same is Diet Coke, I love my Diet Coke…..hope you have a great weekend! 🌻🤗


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