March’s Meal Plan

Meal planning for the month of March.


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6 Chicken Crockpot Freezer Meals-
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Chicken In A Hurry-
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New England Clam Chowder-
Chicken Orzo Soup-
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Sweet N Sour Chicken-
Deviled Eggs-
Broccoli Salad-
Lazyman lasagna-
Tator Tot Casserole-

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  1. I wish I could have type 1 ADHD. Is there a group in Facebook that you share the ADHD issues. It would help me a lot if you could share with me? If yes and you say okay, I will send you an email. I love your emails and I admire how you find time to do all the parenting and still keep up with YouTube! Love and Thanks so so so much.

  2. The chicken cordon Bleu casserole is great, I printed it off of Pinterest, we loved it. Hope you do too. I meal plan the same way….multiple books, so much easier. Love the video, thanks for sharing.

  3. I was wondering, as you mentioned that you have ADHD (which my eldest son also has), whether you have found organising and keeping organised a struggle? I also wondered whether you have noticed traits of ADHD in your other family members…ie siblings, parents etc….I do think that all 3 of my children have some issues with concentration and general inattentiveness….so that's a challenge…:)

  4. We meal plan prior to going grocery shopping. Of course we run out of bread-milk sometimes but rarely. meal planners are great but I have a composition book and a grocery magnetic pad that hangs on the frig. I plan meals with fresh veges used quickly to avoid spoilage. Lay out the meat for the next day in the frig as part of your nightly routine. I would forget in the morning.

  5. Hi Kimmy! Your video on meal planning was terrific. I loved seeing what meals you are planning for the upcoming month. Also, I saw Lemon Lush on your menu!!!! Ahhhh! I love Lemon Lush so so much! I have to make it now… Maybe for Easter! You got me thinking, girlfriend. Have a great day & I'm so glad you are back home! 💟Joanie

  6. Hi Kimmy! I've just started doing meal planning a few months ago cause I was always stressed about dinner. I sit down and do it for the whole month. It really helps so that I know what to make, what to buy each week at the market and for the bigger Costco runs!!! Glad to see that your doing it!!!! 😀. Live your videos!!!

  7. Love the video Kimmy!!! (As always) We meal plan the exact same way except after I write my grocery list I rewrite it in the way that we shop our grocery store. So produce first then deli/bakery next meats etc. So I don't have to back track through the store saves time and money (I would always find something not on my list when I back tracked) (usually donuts) I love seeing what you making. It helps when I get in a rut for some new fun recipes!!! Thanks so much!!!!


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