Macro & Micro Nutrients | Guide To Successful Meal Planning

A break down what macro and micro nutrients are, their purpose and how they are used. A full list of food options that fit into each category and tips to help you better plan and organize your own meals! This can even be used as a grocery list!!!

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  1. You are super knowledgeable and explain things so well. You’ve easily become my source of fitness info and inspo! Do you have any tips to pass on regarding plant-based macros??

  2. You look absolutely like my son's grandmother. Spot on! Without the nose ring you still look absolutely like her my son said Grandma!!! Look mom I love Grandma 😂😅💞 great video btw

  3. I love what  you do and who you are, Jen. I've been following your videos for almost 2 years now, it has been inspiring me so much and now I feel like I'm back on track and not scared of that whole meal and work out plan. Good thing you cleared up that whole macros and micros thing, it's helping a lot. Thank you for being you, sunny & joyful. Looking ahead to watching more of your next videos. xoxox

  4. Thank you so much for making this video!!! I've always wanted a break-down of macros/micros and what is considered what…yet everyone so far has confused the concept. You, however, explained it really simple and I love that you included the GI number for the carbs. This video explained so much and I am so grateful for this, I was so scared to count my numbers until now. Thank you Jen!

  5. So I'm new to fitness and I'm totally confused on how to count my macros I used your site to calculate mine and didn't understand lol. I'm trying to be patient and figure it out but my BMR is: 1688 calories/day. My TDEE is: 2025 calories/day. I'm confused on how to figure out my macros for the day and don't understand which one to pick for nutrition plan on step 3 on the macro calculation. I don't know what amount of protein, fat or carbs I should be getting everyday to achieve fat loss.

  6. This was such awesome information to have and yes clarifying data on micros, macros and what they are really is helpful to me on my journey of health and fitness, Thank You so much you are an Angel

  7. I am obsessed with your videos, you are such an inspiration, I just recently started watching you (about a week ago) and I listen to your videos in the car, on breaks at work and after work lol. I am learning so much. I started following you on all social media and just want you to know you have taught me so much in your videos and now I see why i am not seeing results. Please keep your videos coming ! 💖💖

  8. Your videos are so informational! I've watched so many of your videos (some multiple times) in the short time that I've been following you. I've learned sooo much from every video I watch! Thank you!


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