Low-Carb Performance

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  1. Oh thanks god you asked him how much salt for athletes , i have/ Had VERY High BP and i do exercises like a athlete, and i suffered due to low salt , i mean i progressed in my abilities and after the transition i had no idea salt is ok on low carb and i nearly died due to ill health, thank god some doctors know about this.

  2. Dr Phinney is da man! I'm wondering why a low carb channel is a hangout for vagans to get on their little high horse and tell us about how bad every other diet is? I'm guessing not enough healthy fat in your diet causes some sort of brain malfunction, dont let the door hit you on the way out people

  3. Please all you low carb lovers, take a look at all the most long-living populations around the world. And the leanest population groups around the world. They all eat a high carb low fat diet. Many Asian countries, Eas African countries. LCHF is promoting a dangerous diet which is very unnatrual for humans to eat. And I say it again, please find a WORLD CLASS sprinter or cyclist who follows a LCFH diet and break world records. You will not find anyone. It is virtually impossible to push 6-7 watts/kg on a bike for hours without eating a shit load of carbs Before and during the race.Try to push 400-500 Watts on a bike for more than 15 minutes on a LCHF diet. It's not gonna happen. Look at the kenyans, fastest, leanest and best long distance Runners. They all eat a shit ton on carbs and very low fat. And they are lean as.

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  5. Nobody. NO BODY is winning endurance races at a high level on a low-carb diet. They are just not showing you the high-carb energy gels they're consuming on the sly. Training in ketosis is useless for athletes mainly because you're not going to be in a ketogenic state on race day and if you are; the guy who just popped an energy gel is going to kick your arse.

  6. Dr. Stephen Phinney, along with his colleague Dr. Jeff Volek, has done a fantastic job debunking the myth that carb loading is necessary for endurance athletes – provided that the athlete is willing to go through the necessary steps to acclimatize his body to the usage of fatty acids and ketones for fuel. This is a tremendous paradigm shift in the way we think about nutrition, in relation to endurance sports, and Phinney and Volek should receive many accolades for their work in this area. I hope their next line of research will test how ketogenic diets effect those athletic activities that emphasize more explosive strength production than endurance – sports such as power lifting, football, sprinting, pole vaulting, gymnastics,  etc. It is easy to see how having such access to a large repository of energy, in terms of fatty acids and ketones, would be superior for lengthy endurance competition, because energy utilization is slow and steady in such activities. I am curious if the energy turn over in ketogenic diets is sufficiently rapid to accommodate those activities that require brief but intense bursts of strength. If it is proven that ketogenic diets are sufficient for more power oriented sports, then that will put the final nail in the coffin of the idea that any athletic activity necessitates consuming large amounts of carbohydrates.

  7. You falsely associate carbs with bread, pasta, and sports drinks. Sweet potatoes, rice, grains, corn are the carbs. The things that you mentioned are the processes foods. Of those, some can be based on whole foods, such as whole grain bread. So, the first point you make serves to mislead and setup your following false arguments. Your low-carb, Paleo-style, Atkins-style diet has been widely critiqued as non-optimal for humans.


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