Low Carb Houston 2018 Saturday PM

Talks from Low Carb Houston Saturday afternoon: John Limansky, Ali Miller, Craig Emmerich, and Jake Kushner.


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  1. i don't understand people (referring to exogenous ketones). Why do it? It's completely artificial. The whole point about being keto adapted is being able to do more with less. Eating less calories, less often; within the context of nutritionally dense food. Then your body becomes naturally optimized. It's really a case of "less is more." (which may be an annoying phrase but it's completely applicable here).

  2. Thanks Carl keto on dude I'm down to 14 st thats about 196lb from 18 st around 252lb ,don't get gout attacks in fact I'm off my gout meds 6 months now ,my "bad" knee is now a normal knee ,better sleep and much more energy thanks to the 2 dudes and the fine folks talking here and all the other folks who took on all the establishment attacks and fought on i thank you all .


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