Low-Carb Diets ⬆️ Metabolic Rate David Ludwig, MD, PhD

At the Metabolic Health Summit, Dr. Ludwig and I chatted about who would benefit most from going on a low-carb, high-fat style diet.

Link to Study and the FB Live full chat: http://bit.ly/2SX2rHZ

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  1. hey man. i'd love to see a video on alternative chinese medicine such as ginseng etc and if there is any evidence to support health benefits. i think your fans would also love to see something like that!

  2. If my ancestors were hunters for tens of thousands of years, I probably shouldn't be eating canola oil, high fructose corn syrup, or other nonsense that has been around for less than 100.
    I'd be really interested in a study that includes a one meal per day hunter's diet on non-factory-farmed food including organ meat.

  3. If you use a keto diet, it's one-hundred percent certain that you will lower your metabolism because the human body was created to adapt. Fasting only works over the long term when used intermittently. The doctor's discussion of how some subjects were burning more calories during the study than others corresponds to the human physiological bell curve, but I'm sure those burning more calories were still burning them from a lower platform than previously. Keto is a trap that will make you sluggish over time. Very few will adapt to optimum energy on keto diets. All that being said, it's good to reduce refined sugars, and only eat carbs high on the glycemic scale, but you don't have to go on any diet at all if you would just EXERCISE VIGOROUSLY every day. Diets are for people who are too lazy to exercise.

  4. Wow, before watching this, I got spammed by an advert for a Jillian Michaels app. The worst was at the end when she was promoting that she supported the way you ate "Vegan" something "and Paleo". So on the one hand she slags off LCHF, whilst on the other embracing it! As its one of the 'trendy' diets. She slags off LCHF people about being all about the money they make from the 'Lies they tell in books' and how independent she is… Yet here she is doing a trump!

  5. Eliminate refined carbs wherever possible, increase complex carbs. 75/80% of my diet is complex carbohydrates. I keep my fat intake low to protect my heart. I lost 50 lbs in 9 months with intense exercise for 1 hour, 4-5 times a week..

  6. So you and Dr Benjamin Bikman talked about how how metabolic rate only changes via weight and no other factors and now another view. Which one is correct cause it really damages scientific investigation when people like you do this. So please let’s get at leases one fact correct and answer.

  7. I can just hear the plant based people shouting "but 20% isn't low fat!". Please will someone, just someone compare truly low fat with truly low carb in a trial! It's really very simple. But nope we still get misrepresentation of low fat and low carb on both sides of the fence. Arghhhhh!😖

  8. If it is true that a low carb diet can increase ones metabolic rate between 200 to 250 calories more than someone who is eating an isocaloric diet that is not carbohydrate controlled (0:150:36), then we are talking about A VERY SIGNIFICANT difference over time. If we take the low range difference of 200 calories that means, presuming a pound of body fat is approximately 3500 calories, a person on a low carb diet will burn 20.85 lbs MORE fat calories per year than someone on a standard American high carb diet :

    (200 cals X 365 days in one year) /3500 calories in a pound of fat = 20.85 lbs

    So if your one of those people who thinks about diets in a conventional sense, in that it doesn't matter what you eat as long as you control for calories, you might want to rethink your position. Even if you are skeptical of the causality chain which states that increased carbohydrate intake increases glucose, which leads to increased insulin, which culminates in increased fat mass , what Dr. David Ludwig's study clearly shows – purely from a standpoint of calories burned – is that macronutrients do matter! This is not to even mention that low carbohydrate/ high fat foods are far more satiating, in the long term, than high carb/low fat foods. Thus, on top of increasing calorie burning, a low carb diet makes caloric control easier as well.

  9. This is a good video. I have a recommendation for you when you want to record in public areas with a lot of ambient noise: invtest in a couple of lapel/lavalier microphones, and attach them to you and your guest. You should be able to do this with any camera setup, even your phone.

  10. Hello brother, looks like you are from gorgeous Colorado: could you please share your resources about: Humane, holistic, alternative medicine, integrative medicine, practicing Pediatricians in Denver CO. I watched your eyes opening interview with dr Paul Thomas. Highly Appreciated your help and direction.

  11. Should really be saying "GMO BREAD AND BUTTER". Stomach ailments and issues because of GMOs.
    Doctors are to happy to prescribe meds that treat the symptom instead of suggesting limiting the problem. Kudos to this doctor who's is "on our team". Now big pharmacy next move is develop synthetic hormones (that he's identified) to artificially put you in a keto state and quell your hunger.

  12. Mike i'm doing keto/carvivore diet and i pee every 1 hour i can't sleep of that reason i go to the doctor can;t find what it is … everything look normal on the test?

  13. Fantastic review, summary and interview of a very important paper, thank you. I love that he measured insulin/OGTT at baseline to tease out the effects in different populations. Thank you


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