Low-Carb Diet vs. Low-Fat Diet — Jessica's Experience (T1D)

Low-Carb Diet vs. Low-Fat Diet — Jessica’s Experience (T1D)

Low-carb diet is the most common diet recommended to people living with diabetes. This includes people living with type 1 diabetes. In this video, Jessica shares her experience of following a low-carb diet and how that lead to insulin resistance. She shares how she reversed the insulin resistance with a low-fat diet.

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Low-carb diet and low-fat diet are very different. This video shows what happened to Jessica after she tried both approaches.


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  1. I currently have type 2 diabetes and petrified of eating fruit. I’ve been seeing good results with fasting and low carb, but I hate eating meat and tons of fats.

  2. This doesn’t surprise me. I hypothesize that macros are less of the issue and micros are more relevant. Also, does the program include exercise, meditation, etc? I do think these pieces matter also. The only way to know what is really relevant is to put a plant based high carb diet head to head with a plant first low carb, omnivorous diet. Besides glucose control, measurements for inflammation, insulin (for non type 1s) and hormones – as well as satiety and compliance – all need to be considered. I speculate that a type 1 has a number of different covariates than a type 2 (regardless of the diet).

  3. I was vegan for 15 years – I am thin and active but I have still developed some insulin resistance. I also have inherited high Lp(a) which is a huge risk factor – and if my blood glucose rises above 130 it will fry and inflame the lining of my arteries— which is horrible because then the Lp(a) rushes in to heal and patch cracks…if that happens then plaques develop. SO how on earth can I eat fruits if they spike my glucose?? My A1C is 5.0.

  4. I’m from Canada and am type 2 diabetic. I’ve done Keto but still not convinced. I’m intrigued by this method and am super scared to do high carb. How do I know how much carb , fat and protein I should be eating by percent a day to lose weight? I’m 240lbs and need to save my life as I feel I’m slipping away.

  5. Sorry to burst your bubble, but a T1D who doesn't follow Dr Bernstein's diet is asking for troubles. If you don't do the low-carb right, of course you'll get into troubles as well, but the safest way to manage T1D is on the RIGHT low carb diet… be it veggie or not. Dr Richard Bernstein's book is the best book for managing Diabetes (Himself a T1D for 72 years).
    When the body doesn't consume a lot of carbs, you don't need so much basal. I am T1D. I am a low-carber. I use between 6 to 8 basal units (depends on my 'protein cycling'), meaning, I get as low as 6 units of basal a day! (that would never happen on a high carb diet).
    My daily boluses are around 9 units (sometimes can get a bit more than 10).
    Calculating insulin sensitivity just for the sakes of the number is wrong. One would like to lower his insulin levels to avoid hyperinsulinemia – promotes insulin insensitivity and fat storage.
    A1C would be a better index than insulin sensitivity index (mine is 5.1 at the moment. It was 4.9 in the past. I am aiming for around 4.5 – 4.8… impossible on a high carb diet without (1) risking major hypos (2) suffer the consequences of a "roller coaster"- big jumps).

  6. I've recently become a student of the ketogenic diet. My wife has type 2 diabetes and the keto is working well for her. She is not on insulin but is on metformin and could be taken off at any time. I've recently come across your videos. I'm intrigued. Are we missing something in spite of her good numbers?

  7. I did the low carb stuff recently and my carbs were 75g with insulin totaling 70 units. Dropped the fat and protein, upped the carbs and within 3 days I ate 500g of carbs and 66 units of insulin and I'm still obese, so it's still gonna get better.


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